Mother's Day Crafts

Mother's Day crafts can be found on this page, and they can be given as gifts for your mother, mother-in-law, or your friends that are mothers. In other words, these are gifts and crafts that women like!

This is a good place to come if you want to make a hostess gift, or to give your girlfriend a birthday gift. There are also cute gift ideas for the kids to make by themselves to give to Mom, the most special gifts of all!

Many know that giving a homemade really shows you care. It really shows the person that you were thinking of them and that you went above and beyond to make something special. The other great thing about crafting your own gifts is that they are often inexpensive too!

With a bit of planning ahead, it is easy to have gifts ready to give away to your favorite people.

beaded serving spoonsflower pot pentissue holder

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Beaded Bracelet Craft - This is a beautiful bracelet, and many will be impressed you made it yourself. Beads are threaded on safety pins, and the pins are then tied together with elastic cording.

Beaded Serving Spoons - A beautiful homemade gift that your Mom is sure to love. Spoon handles are beautifully decorated with wire and beads.

Decorated Flower Pot - See a beautiful way to decorate a plain terra cotta flower pot, using some air dry clay.

Decorated Wine Bottle - Learn how to decorate and recycle wine bottles into beautiful pieces of art.

Decoupage Box - Learn the techniques of decoupage, and see how a plain box can be transformed int o a beautiful gift.

Flower Pot Pen - This makes a very nice gift. A silk flower head is added to the end of a writing pen, and then it is stored in a flower pot. You'll always know where to find your pen!

Homemade Wine Charms - Never get your wine glass confused with another again. This is a unique gift, for any special lady in your life. Pattern is provided for easy printing on to shrink paper, which shrinks and hardens in the oven.

Mother's Photo Necklace - This tutorial shows you how to add a child's photo to a wooden bead, and then form it into a necklace.

Nail Art Plaque - This is a truly unique wall hanging. Nails are hammered into a wooden plaque at different heights, and then the nail heads are painted to look like a flower bouquet. Check this one out and try it yourself!

Paper Flower Bouquet - A beautiful and easy kids craft to give away to Mom.

Peacock Earrings - You'll be amazed at how easy it is to make these trendy peacock feather earrings, and they make a perfect gift for Mom!

Photo Magnets - This is an easy craft Mother's Day craft, where little clear stones are painted with a photo.

Polymer Clay Jewelry - This tutorial shows you a very easy way to make a pretty necklace and earrings using polymer clay. This project is perfect for clay beginners!

Printable Mother's Day Card - Pick between three different designs of cards that you can print right on your computer, and embellishment with fabric.

Sleep Mask for Mom - Every Mom on Earth needs a nap, and this would make a wonderful gift. It is made out of felt and only simple sewing is required. The pattern is included.

Tissue Holder - This cute tissue holder is made out felt and is perfect for Mom's purse.

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CD purse craft - Don't throw those old, scratched CDs away! Sujatha explains how to make a cute little bag out of two CDs.

Flower Pen - Margo shows how you can make a beautiful present for your Mom by embellishing your common household pen!

Quilled Greeting Card - Sujatha shows us how to make this beautiful Mother's day card using a bit of quilling. Give it a try!

Scrabble Tile Pendant Necklace Tutorial - I bet your mother would love one of these fashionable necklaces. How about making one? Shalini's craft tutorial explains the secrets to making these popular scrabble tile necklaces. She also has an Etsy shop if you would like to one of her beautiful creations.

Wine Cork Jewelry Display - This is a creative way to store necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. This makes a very unique gift!

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