Preschool Christmas Crafts

Find simple preschool Christmas crafts here at Crafts For All Seasons. Each craft tutorial has step by step photos to help along the way!

These preschool Christmas crafts are all age appropriate for the younger ones. Children ages 2-5 will enjoy these crafts, and take pride that they can add their own work of creation to the holiday decorating.

Crafting for children has so many benefits. Making something awakens their creativity, allows them to use the artistic side of their brain, utilizes their imagination, and helps develop fine motor skills.

My hope is that you and your family can start a yearly tradition of making Christmas crafts together during this wonderful time of year! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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Candy Cane Reindeer - Learn how easy it is to turn a candy cane into a reindeer.

Clothespin Reindeer - This cute reindeer is made using clothespins and craft sticks.

Fingerprint Gift Tags - Instructions on how to make various Christmas designs (wreath, Christmas tree, poinsettia, and holly) using your fingerprints!

Handprint Plaque - A beautiful keepsake of your child's handprint is made using Plaster of Paris and a disposable pie tin.

Handprint Snowman Ornament - This is a fun preschool or Kindergarten craft. The teacher can help the children make this as a gift to take home to their parents.

Jesus Fish Ornament - White glue is used to fill in a Jesus Fish design created by a pipe cleaner. The glue is decorated with glitter and allowed to dry clear.

Preschool Ornament Craft - Three craft sticks form a triangle to look like a Christmas tree. The kids will have fun decorating these!

Reindeer Ornament - This is an easy preschool craft. The reindeer is made by forming a triangle with three wooden craft sticks.

Snowflake Ornament - A clear plastic ornament ball is adorned with glitter snowflakes and filled with fake snow for a beautiful effect.

Tinsel Ornament - A clear plastic ornament ball is filled with tinsel and decorated with glitter glue.

YOUR Craft Submissions

The crafts that appear below are all submissions from visitors like you!

Baby Jesus Ornament - Wendy made this adorable ornament out of some pieces of felt and a wooden doll bead. It is a very easy ornament to make.

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