Lamb Craft

Easter Place Name Holder

This lamb craft makes a cute Easter place name holder for your Easter party.

The body is made out of cotton swabs, and the legs are made from two clothespins. The clothespins can hold a name tag or a little note.

You can also just make the lamb's body and made paper legs, and then you can turn this Spring craft into a magnet, an embellishment for a fun Easter card.

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Lamb Place Name Holder

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Things Needed:

  • white card stock
  • cotton swabs
  • scissors
  • glue
  • two wooden clothespin
  • markers to add the face
  • small ribbon to make a bow for the head

1. Begin the lamb craft by clicking here to open up a PDF file of the patterns for the body and head (a new window will open, Adobe Reader required). Print this out on white card stock, and then cut out the patterns.

cut out patterns

2. Next, cut off the heads of cotton swabs. If a child is making this craft, be sure an adult does this part. Make each cotton swab end about 1/2 inch long.

cutting cotton swabscut cotton swab tips

3. Begin gluing the cotton swab tips to the card stock body of the sheep, beginning at the back of the body. Then, layer more cotton swabs across the body. Use the photos below to guide you.

first layersecond layer

third layercompleted

4. Next, glue two cotton swab tips to the side of the head to be the ears, as shown below.


5. To make the lamb's "hair", cut three cotton swab tips off right at the head of the swab; they will be about 1/4 long. Layer and glue these to the top of the head as shown.


6. Use some markers to add on some cute facial features for the lamb.


7. Tie the ribbon in a small bow, and glue it to the top of the lamb's head.

adding bow

8. Glue two wooden clothespins to the back of the lamb's body. Check for balance and levelness when the glue is tacky, by standing the lamb up. Readjust the legs as necessary. Then allow them to dry completely.

legscotton swab lamb

Photos from Others:

Lamb Craft: Boy version - and marshmallow feet for balance

by Justine
Richmond, VA

"I love this! I also did a boy version for the boys at our Easter table - just moved the hair bow down to make it a bow tie. Here is a photo (also shows the marshmallow hooves I added for balance)..."

photo of lamb craft

Response from Crafts For All Seasons: How adorable!! Thank you for sharing a photo of your craft.

Easter Lamb Family

by Carlin

"Hello, I just completed your lamb craft for my whole family and I wanted to send you a photo of the finished product. It took awhile because I did the project alone, but everyone loved them. My mother says she will save them and pack them safely for next Easter."

photo of lamb craft

Response from Crafts For All Seasons: You did a fantastic job! Just love these!

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> Lamb Place Name Holder

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