Finding the Perfect Arts and Crafts Idea: All Occasion Crafts

Here are many arts and crafts ideas, which don't necessary fit into a season or holiday category. I call these my "all occasion crafts".

I find crafting to be so relaxing. I, like many others, lead a very busy life. Sometimes it is hard to find time to craft. That is one of the reasons I made this website. It helps me to set aside some time to do crafts. The fact is, I love to craft, so this isn't a chore at all. Hopefully you do too, and I hope you will find time every so often to give yourself some "me time". Whatever your craft hobbies are, I hope you may enjoy some of these projects as well. These DIY crafts are perfect for yourself, your home, or to give away as a gift. Please remember, I would love to see your work of your finished creations! Please share what you have done using the "share a craft" link below. I cannot thank you each enough for sharing your creativity and your arts and crafts ideas with the rest of us!

baby jar candleplaster bird craftpop bottle wind spinner

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Alcohol Ink Tiles - Ever wonder what you use those little squeeze bottles of alcohol inks for? Wait until you see the works of art you can make with these!

Baby Jar Candle Holder - These are beautiful when hung in clusters, and can be used to decorate the your yard.

Beaded Bracelet Craft - This is a pretty and unique bracelet, made from beads and safety pins.

Beaded Dragonfly Barrette - A very pretty hair clip that is made from wire and beads.

Beaded Serving Spoons - I have made these countless times and given them as gifts. They are beautiful as well as useful!

Bottle Cap Magnets - A simple and easy way to create magnets using bottle caps.

Bottle Cap Necklaces - These fashionable necklaces can be made to match any outfit.

Broom Flower Girl - Here is one of many arts and crafts ideas I would like to share. This is a country style decoration and makes a beautiful wall hanging.

Champagne Gel Candles - Gel wax is easy to work with, and because it is clear and bubbly it can be made to look just like champagne!

Decorated Flower Pot - Air dry clay and a white wash paint is used to spruce up a flower pot and turn it into a work of art.

Decorated Wine Bottle - Turn an old wine bottle into work of art. This is a way to reflect your personality with this arts and crafts idea.

Decoupage Box - Arts and crafts ideas include many different techniques, including decoupage. This project explains what decoupage is and how to use it to decorate a box.

Duct Tape Wallet - This tutorial gives you the exact measurements and directions of creating the classic duct tape wallet.

Flower Pot Pen - This is a super cute desk accessory or looks great in the kitchen. They also make wonderful gifts!

Football Coin Holder - Many of these arts and crafts ideas also make wonderful gifts, such as this coin holder for Dad.

Gel Wax Candle Holders - Similar to candles sold by PartyLite, these gel candles are actually holders, which can be used over and over again.

Golf Pen Craft - Like the flower pot pen, this is a pen in disguise as a golf flag on the green.

Grape Cluster Ornament - Many of my arts and crafts ideas include using glass marbles, which are sold in the floral department. Here I explain how they can be glued together to form grapes.

Hemp Jewelry - These cool hemp jewelry chokers are made using hemp cord, wooden beads, and a few simple knots.

Homemade Wine Charms - Customize your own personalized wine charms, and never get your wine glass mixed up again.

Leaf Stenciled Flower Pot - With a bit of spray paint and using real leaves as a stencil, you can decorate a flower pot and make it truly unique.

Lizard Lanyard Craft - Kids love threading plastic lace through plastic pony beads, especially when they have my easy to follow pattern.

Magazine Bead Frame - Colorful magazine pages can be rolled to create beautiful beads. When they are glued and layered together they create this beautiful frame.

Nail Art Plaque - Pounding nails into wood at different heights creates an opportunity for some unique flower bouquet art. Check it out!

No Sew Fleece Scarf - Since these require no sewing, they are FAST and easy to make. They make wonderful gifts!

Painted Canvas Art - Learn how to make your own stunning wall art using 12 inch by 12 inch canvases, paper, and paint.

Painted Wine Glasses - Here I show an easy way to paint your wine glasses, with no artistic talent required, because I share a paint brush handle trick!

Patio Party Lights - A party atmosphere is instantly created with this recycled booze bottle string of lights!

Peacock Earrings - If you have the feathers, you can easily make these earrings with these simple instructions.

Pencil Cup Holder - Cardboard tubes are recycled into this cool pencil cup holder, and painted in a colorful design.

Photo Magnets - Here's more arts and crafts ideas for your fridge!

Plaster Bird Craft - A mold of a bird is easily created and ready for painting.

Polymer Clay Dragonfly - This little clay dragonfly has beautiful wings made from polymer clay canes.

Polymer Clay Jewelry - An easy project to create a matching necklace and earring set using polymer clay.

Polymer Clay Owl - Learn how to make this cute little guy for a necklace or figurine.

Pop Bottle Wind Spinner - This yard art is fun to watch spinning in the wind.

Pop Tab Craft - Big jewelry is all the rage now, especially big rings. This flower ring is so easy to put together, and the best part is everyone will love that you made it out of something that you normally may throw away.

Reclaimed Wood Art- Learn how to distress wood and make a large piece of wall art for less than $20.

Sleep Mask- This beginner sewing project makes a sleep mask to shut out the light while napping.

Snow Covered Votives - Creative effect on glass candle holders using decoupage medium and imitation snow.

State String Art - This beautiful piece of artwork can be made for any state, to show what city you love!

Tied Fleece Blanket - No sewing required to make this beautiful blanket out of soft fleece!

Tissue Holder - This is a mini tissue holder for your purse or backpack, and is made out of felt.

Watermelon Earrings - These summery earrings are fun to make using a simple polymer clay cane.

Wine Cork Board - Learn the proper pattern for gluing wine corks to create a large bulletin board, hot pot trivets, or even a coffee table!

Wine Cork Letter - Create a custom monogram letter by embellishing it with wine corks. Looks great on a mantle or on your front door.

Wine Glass Candle Holders - Many of my arts and crafts ideas involve candles, and this particular craft shows how to create a beautiful table decoration with floating candles and wine glasses.

YOUR Craft Submissions

The crafts that appear below are all submissions from visitors like you!

Candy Bar Cake - This makes a fun and edible gift to give away for a group of people (or maybe just one person!) Tina explains how to make this and how it was the perfect gift for her children's daycare teachers.

Canvas Decoupage - Sandy incorporates a photograph she took herself on to this beautifully decorated canvas.

CD purse craft - Don't throw those old, scratched CDs away! Sujatha explains how to make a cute little bag out of two CDs.

Creating a Faerie Garden - Lily shares her faerie garden with us, with photos and unique ideas to add for the faeries.

Cricut Message Board - Kathy shares how to transform a regular frame into a message board for the home.

Decoupage Vases - Sandra shares three of her beautiful pieces, and how she made them!

Fairy Garden - This beautiful fairy garden was made on a coffee table, it is a must see!

Flower Pen - Margo shows a beautiful way to embellish a common househeld pen, and turn it into a work of art!

Jelly bookmark - Samatha tells us how she created her own bookmark using some unique materials!

Mixed Media Art Canvas - Sandra shows us her beautiful work and exactly how she made her mixed media art canvas.

Quilled Greeting Card - Sujatha used quilling embellishments to create a beautiful card.

Quilling Peacock - Nafisa shares her unique design and explains how to make a beautiful peacock using quilling strips.

Recycled Wine Bottle Crafts - Susan shows us four different examples of how to recycle wine bottles into beautiful crafts. Be sure to check out her crafts, she is very talented!

Scrabble Tile Pendant Necklace Tutorial - Shalini's craft tutorial explains the secrets to making these popular scrabble tile necklaces.

Waxy Wonder - Learn how to make your own fire starters using old candles. These are easy to make and they work really well!

Wine Cork Jewelry Display - This is a creative way to store necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. This makes a very unique gift!

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