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Safety Pin Crafts

Most of these safety pin crafts are pins, that are created by threading seed beads on a safety pin, and then letting those pins dangle vertically from a larger safety pin that can be worn on your clothing.  By alternating colors of the beads, you can form a picture.  Here I include some ideas for the different seasons!

I also wrote a helpful article about the basics of making beaded safety pins.  This is a good place to start if you haven't made any of these crafts before.

I also wrote a helpful article about the basics of making beaded safety pins.  This is a good place to start if you haven't made any of these crafts before.  I give tips on how to make your own patterns too!

My favorite craft on this page is the beaded safety pin bracelet.  You can achieve many different looks, depending on the type of beads you use for this project.  Beads are threaded on safety pins and they are closed.  Then, the safety pins are lined up vertically and attached to one another with some elastic cord.  This makes a beautiful bracelet or handmade gift to give to a friend.

Do YOU have any safety pin crafts you would like to share? It can become its own page on this website. Click here!

Safety Pin Crafts

Want to try to create your own patterns? It isn't very hard.  Grab some graph paper.  Figure out what safety pin sizes you will be using.  It is best to go ahead and thread on the safety pins to the larger one that goes across, and see how many can comfortably fit.  This will be the number of columns on your graph paper.  Then, see how many seed beads can comfortably fit when threaded on the smaller pins that hang vertically.  This will be the number of rows on your graph paper. 

Now that you have your rectangle drawn on your graph paper, which represents the size of your final pin, draw your design on it.  Try to keep the picture simple, as it isn't possible to make really intricate designs.  Color in your object with the appropriate colors.  If a square on the grid is nearly filled with one color, that is the color bead it gets. 

I have also had success designing the safety bead patterns on spreadsheet programs with Excel.  Just be sure to make each cell a square by setting the column height equal to the row height.

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