Spring Crafts

Spring crafts celebrate the birth of a new season. You will find lots of flower crafts, and things to brighten your home!

I get very excited for Spring. I live in Ohio where the winters can be very long. When the snow begins to thaw I love to get outside. Many crafts on this page reflect the things you will find outside, like new birds, butterflies, and lots of flowers. And of course, there are many Spring crafts for children to keep their little hands busy and to celebrate the new season.

Spring is also the time when the garden comes back to life and our thoughts turn to planting and gardening - Kiddie Gardens has practical kids garden crafts to encourage the love of gardens in children of all ages.

Let's get started!

paper flower bouquetnail art plaquebroom flower girl

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Broom Flower Girl - This is a beautiful Victorian style wall decoration, which looks like the silhouette of a little girl.

Coffee Filter Butterfly - This is a fun spring craft for kids. A coffee filter is dyed with colored water and held together with a clothespin to make a colorful butterfly.

Decorated Flower Pot - You can spruce up a regular terra cotta pot using air dry clay and a white wash paint.

Egg Carton Flower Bouquet - A nice children's craft made by recycling an egg carton to make a flower bouquet.

Fairy Garden - This article shares what a fairy garden is, how to set one up, and how to make your own accessories!

Flower Pot Pen - Makes a perfect teacher's gift! A pen is turned into a flower stem, and is stored right in its flower pot.

Moss Covered Vases - Bring the outdoors in! Learn how to transform any container into an earthy nature-inspired vase.

Nail Art Plaque - Who knew that painting nail heads would create this beautiful 3-D effect? This is a beautiful, unique wall hanging.

Painted String Art Butterflies - The fun in this craft is opening up the butterfly to reveal the beautiful design. Includes a free printable butterfly pattern.

Paper Flower Bouquet - This child's craft creates a vase a flowers, using only a paper cup and paper.

Plaster Bird Craft - You'll never guess how you can make this cute little bird! You'll need a balloon, Plaster of Paris, and some painting skills.

Tissue Daffodils - Cute daffodils that are made with tissue paper and a straw. This is a great craft for kids.

YOUR Craft Submissions

The crafts that appear below are all submissions from visitors like you!

Fairy Garden - I love seeing everyone's fairy gardens! This one is so beautiful and was made on an old coffee table!

Noodle Flowers - Wendy shows us how to use uncooked pasta noodles to create a Springtime work of art.

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