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Beach Canvas Art

Learn how to make a simple beach canvas art using VERY simple painting strokes and adding some 3D elements.

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Bohemian Bracelet

This DIY bohemian bracelet looks like little dream catchers. It is made using water bottle rings and embroidery floss.

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Rice Jewel Rings

Create these pretty rice jewel rings with only a few simple materials! You can make them in any color. Materials for rice jewel rings: 1 teaspoon of

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Vinyl Pendants

If you happen to have extra vinyl floor tiles from a home project, then here is a recycled craft for you! Try make these vinyl pendants. Materials for

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Greeting card Butterfly

Let's recycle some greeting cards and turn them into a beautiful greeting card butterfly! Materials needed: greeting card front 2 jumbo craft sticks

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Piggy Pocket

This piggy pocket is a perfect gift for any pig lover. It will look great hanging from a door knob or in a child's locker! Materials Needed: 1 back pocket

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Sheep Wristband

Here's something to wear that is very different and super cute! Kids will love wearing this sheep wristband and will have their pet with them everywhere

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juice can trinket box

This juice can trinket box can is perfect for holding rings, coins, or tiny treasures. Here is what you will need. Materials: 1 cardboard juice can

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Footprint and Handprint Nativity scene

Here's an easy craft, a footprint and handprint Nativity scene. This is a great Sunday school craft for kids! Materials: Blue poster board cut to 10x12

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Quilling Peacock

I have made a quilling peacock using quilling strips. METHOD: 1. For a quilling peacock you will need 15-20 strips. Attach all the strips by fevicol

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