Rice Jewel Rings

by Jeanine
(South Dakota)

Create these pretty rice jewel rings with only a few simple materials! You can make them in any color.

Materials for rice jewel rings:

  • 1 teaspoon of ordinary uncooked rice

  • food color

  • sheet of art foam (plain color or sparkle)

  • a few inches of 3/8" elastic

  • heavy clear plastic (optional)

  • a few inches of string pearl string beads

  • plastic lid from a water bottle

  • scissors

  • hot glue gun

  • small glass bowl

  • a tooth pick

  • Directions for rice jewel rings:

    1. Color the rice: place small amount of rice into a bowl. If you want the rice evenly colored, first add a drop or two of water, stir with the toothpick and then add a drop of food color and stir again. If you want your rice multi-colored, omit the water. Let dry.

    2. Look at the water bottle cap. It has an outer ring and an inner ring. Use scissors to remove the outer ring of the cap. Place rice into the cap - fill, but do not overfill.

    3. If you want the look of the yellow ring, simply apply a blob of hot glue over the rice until it's completely covered. If a little goes over the edge of the lid, that is ok - trim it with scissors later. Make SURE all areas are covered. DO NOT touch the rice with the tip of the glue gun, only let the hot glue flow onto the rice. OPTION - if you want the look of the blue ring, you need a small piece of heavy clear plastic - let the glue flow onto the edge only of the bottle cap and immediately place the clear plastic over it, making sure to completely seal the edges. When it cools some, trim off the plastic from the edges.

    4. Trace a circle 1 1/2" diameter onto the back of the art foam and cut that out with a pr. of decorative scissors.

    5. Place 2 slits about 1/2" from each other in the art foam (make sure they aren't too large or the "jewel" won't hide them.

    6. Insert the 3/8" elastic from the bottom, bring one end through a slit and fold it toward the center and glue in place. Then pull up the elastic to determine how large the loop beneath the ring should be, cut it and fold it toward the center and glue it in place. The ends of the elastic should MEET - not overlap.

    7. Glue the "jewel" in place and hot glue a pearl string around it.

Comments for Rice Jewel Rings

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Jan 30, 2016
by: Crafts For All Seasons

I love these rings! Nice idea, thank you for sharing Jeanine.

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