Crafts for Toddlers that are Fun and Easy!

Crafts for toddlers need to be super easy, because two and three year olds are still developing their large motor skills, let alone their fine motor skills to craft.

It can be challenging to find crafts that are simple, so I have put together a list of my favorite crafts for toddlers.  These crafts are geared towards two and three year olds, and focus on the free-form creativity and mastering some fine motor skills, such as threading fruit ring cereal on a piece of yarn.  Many also use the kids' handprints or thumbprints, which make wonderful keepsakes.

Most of these crafts will require some adult help, particularly with the set-up.  I hope that your child has fun with these crafts, and feels some pride when they see their artwork displayed in your home! 

I have separated the crafts by season for easy browsing.  The paper plate and handprint crafts have projects for all seasons, so be sure to check out these pages.

All Occasion Crafts for Toddlers

Winter Crafts

 Spring Crafts

Summer Crafts

Fall Crafts

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