Free Kid Crafts For School Age Children

Looking for free kid crafts? Look no further! This page has been put together as an easy place to come to and find all the easy crafts for kids. Many of these free kid crafts can also be found under the appropriate holiday pages.

There are so many benefits for doing crafts with your children. It really helps bloom their creativity and artistic side, which is important for development. This is why elementary schools are sure to incorporate art in the children's school day. I think you will really find that your children will love doing crafts, and it is so better than having them in front of the television or playing on the computer.

 You can begin at a very young age, just scan some of the free kid crafts below. Babies and toddlers will love to see their hand prints on paper. Once they can hold a crayon or a sponge brush the possibilities are endless. For example, my toddler enjoys sponge painting a coloring page. It doesn't matter if she goes out of the lines (which she will). When it dries, we cut it out and glue on glitter or other embellishments. Its a wonderful way to help them learn their colors too.

 Once the child is older, you can try some beading projects, or projects that involve a bit of cutting with scissors. Tweens and teens will love lanyard beading and knotting friendship bracelets. They may even enjoy making their own scrapbook filled with friend photos. I hope you have fun doing crafts with your children and sparking their creativity! Please stop by often to see these free kid crafts. I will be adding a lot more free kid crafts in the future! The free kid crafts are divided into holiday categories to help you find the type of craft you are looking for.

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