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Lucky St. Patricks Day Crown

This lucky St. Patrick's Day crown is a festive decoration for shamrock day. Here's how to make one! Supplies: 2 pieces of scrapbook papera “toothless”

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Recycled Crafts

Caring for our planet is so important, and I'm honored to be featured in the Arhaus Furniture's and American Forests' campaign to choose sustainable products. Remember to recycle - and think before you toss. There are so many things you can create out of things you may normally throw away. Image source:

Paper Flower Wedding Wreath

Materials needed: - cardstock approximately 50 pieces of 8 1/2” x11” or 35 pieces of 12” x 12” - 1 16” blank foam wreath form - 1 12” blank foam wreath

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Decorated Gift Bags

I make personalize gift bags for all occasions. This bag that I have attached is a Girls Birthday bag theme Princess. What I've done is I took a original

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Floating Flower Candles Without Mould

Materials Used: Paraffin Wax Candle Wicks Wax Crayons Directions: 1. Start by cutting the candle wick up to to one inch length. 2. Melt the Paraffin

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Make your own Glitter Jar and Tealight Candles at home

Do you spend hundreds and hundreds on scented candles each year? Have you ever considered making your own? Come... let's see how to get started with making

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Beach Canvas Art

Learn how to make a simple beach canvas art using VERY simple painting strokes and adding some 3D elements.

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Bohemian Bracelet

This DIY bohemian bracelet looks like little dream catchers. It is made using water bottle rings and embroidery floss.

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Rice Jewel Rings

Create these pretty rice jewel rings with only a few simple materials! You can make them in any color. Materials for rice jewel rings: 1 teaspoon of

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Vinyl Pendants

If you happen to have extra vinyl floor tiles from a home project, then here is a recycled craft for you! Try make these vinyl pendants. Materials for

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