Spring Crafts For Kids and Adults

Spring crafts celebrate the birth of a new season. You will find lots of flower crafts, and things to brighten your home! 

I get very excited for Spring, but that's totally expected because I live in Ohio.  Hello LONG winters!!  When the snow begins to thaw I love to get outside. Many crafts on this page reflect the things you will find outside, like new birds, butterflies, and lots of flowers. And of course, there are many crafts for children to keep their little hands busy and to celebrate the new season.

Be sure to take a look at the creative ways kids can create flowers.  They can be made from tissue paper, regular paper, egg cartons.  One of my favorites is the paper folded flower bouquet, which is so simple and easy, but it looks really impressive when it is finished.  I have some pretty ways to dress up flower pots too, so you'll have something to put those flowers in.

Another one of my favorite crafts on this page is the plaster bird craft.  This craft is geared towards adults, but it is very simple to make the plaster form itself.  If you are good at painting, you will love decorating this, and you can make several of them in all different colors.

Spring is also the time when the garden comes back to life and our thoughts turn to planting and gardening.  Recently I have been getting in creating fairy gardens.  I've been doing one every year with my kids.  If this is something you would like to try (or already do), be sure to browse my Fairy garden article, because I show some ways to make the furniture and fairy accessories by hand.

Visitors to this site have submitted their craft ideas too... I just love Wendy's noodle flowers and I always love seeing different versions of fairy gardens. 

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Spring Crafts

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