Beach Crafts
Bringing a Little Beach Into Your Home

I love decorating with beach crafts for the summer.  Whether you have a seaside home, or just want to be reminded of the waves, I'm sure you'll find some fun seashell crafts to make that will bring the beach home.

I visit the beach at least once per year, and I love collecting shells.  I come back with new shells from every trip and I'm always on the look out for great pieces of drift wood.  I always take home some sand with me too!

At Christmas I love to be reminded of memories and vacations we have taken.  I have enjoyed creating clear ball sand ornaments as a momento of our vacation to the beach.  Simply fill the ball with some of the sand from your visit.  This is great for really important vacations. like a honeymoon or anniversary trip to an exotic place.

I have also enjoyed creating sand casts with my kids over the years.  They can create hand and foot print replicas in the sand, and then take them home! What a fun way to see how much they have grown from year to year.

It is easy to create simple, yet beautiful beach decorations for your home.  I recommend buying a roll of jute twine.  When you wrap it around anything, and a seashell, it seems to instantly turn it into a seaside treasure! Just be sure to use light colors, like white, cream, tan, and light blues, greens, or peaches.  I've seen adorable vases made by spray painting tin cans a beach color, and the jute tied around it.  You can see two crafts below where I use jute, the seashell napkin rings and the seashell centerpiece.

For the kids, try having them roll empty toilet paper tubes in glue and sand.  They can then align them and cut them different heights to create a sand castle.  Glue everything to a paper plate and then add sand.  You can see all the details on the sand castle craft project.

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Beach Crafts

Seashell Crafts

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