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Looking for free kid crafts? Look no further! This page has been put together as an easy place to come to and find all the easy crafts for kids. Many of these free kid crafts can also be found under the appropriate holiday pages.

There are so many benefits for doing crafts with your children. It really helps bloom their creativity and artistic side, which is important for development. This is why elementary schools are sure to incorporate art in the children's school day. I think you will really find that your children will love doing crafts, and it is so better than having them in front of the television or playing on the computer.

You can begin at a very young age, just scan some of the free kid crafts below. Babies and toddlers will love to see their hand prints on paper. Once they can hold a crayon or a sponge brush the possibilities are endless. For example, my toddler enjoys sponge painting a coloring page. It doesn't matter if she goes out of the lines (which she will). When it dries, we cut it out and glue on glitter or other embellishments. Its a wonderful way to help them learn their colors too.

Once the child is older, you can try some beading projects, or projects that involve a bit of cutting with scissors. Tweens and teens will love lanyard beading and knotting friendship bracelets. They may even enjoy making their own scrapbook filled with friend photos. I hope you have fun doing crafts with your children and sparking their creativity! Please stop by often to see these free kid crafts. I will be adding a lot more free kid crafts in the future! The free kid crafts are divided into holiday categories to help you find the type of craft you are looking for.

coffee filter butterfliesegg carton flowershandprint tree

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All Occasion Kid Crafts

Bottle Cap Necklaces - Who knew fashion could come from a bottle cap? This craft is appropriate for an older child or a teenager.

Fruit Ring Necklace - This craft works well with the really tiny kiddos, as young as one or two!

Handprint Crafts - A pictorial directory of creative craft ideas for your kids to make with their hand or footprints.

Handprint Plaque - This makes a beautiful momento and a perfect gift, but the children will need some help from an adult to make this.

Lizard Lanyard Craft - Plastic lace and pony beads can be threaded and knotted to create some wonderful creatures, such as this lizard.

Paper Plate Crafts - Here's a pictorial directory of many paper plate crafts for kids to make.

Winter Crafts for Kids

Wooden Snowflake - A perfect preschool craft to make at school, which makes a beautiful holiday gift to take home to the parents.

Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids

Conversation Heart Frames - Frames are cut out of cardboard and are easily decorated by gluing on candy hearts.

Handprint Valentines - A perfect little Valentine, decorated with a child's handprint to create a heart shape.

Painted Shirts for Valentine's Day - Create your own shirt designs using your thumbprints dipped into paint.

Thumbprint Heart Bookmark - An easy and different Valentine's Day gift! Hearts are made with thumbprints to create a bookmark.

St. Patrick's Day Crafts For Kids

Paper Plate Leprechaun - Free kid crafts using paper plates, easy and fun! Kids love turning a regular paper plate into a jolly leprechaun.

Easter Crafts For Kids

Easter Chick Craft - This cute little chick is made from half a plastic egg and is nestled in an empty applesauce cup. Cute as can be!

Embroidery Floss Easter Eggs - These take a day or two to dry, but the look is amazing. Kids love that they are "invisible" inside!

Handprint Sheep - Great craft for a young child! A handprint is decorated with cotton balls to look like a sheep.

Styrofoam Egg Bunny - Here's one of many more free kid crafts listed. This bunny looks cute hiding in Easter baskets or around the house.

Spring Crafts For Kids

Coffee Filter Butterfly - Kids love using eye droppers with colored water to decorate these butterflies.

Egg Carton Flower Bouquet - Egg carton cups are cut out to look like pretty tulips! Kids have fun painting these.

Tissue Daffodils - These daffodils make a perfect gift for Mom, a teacher, or a neighbor. This is a great craft for kids.

Painted String Art Butterflies - Pull a string full of paint between folded paper and guess what you get? A beautiful butterfly!

Mother's Day Crafts For Kids

Mother's Photo Necklace - Small photos of the children are printed on regular paper and decoupaged on to wooden beads to create a special necklace for Mom.

Paper Flower Bouquet - A beautiful and easy kids craft that makes a beautiful gift for Mother!

Photo Magnets - Clear marble stones can be turned into treasured magnets using a child's photo.

Father's Day Crafts For Kids

Football Coin Holder - Dad will love this homemade gift using air dry clay!

Pencil Cup Holder - Free kid crafts using free materials! This craft uses toilet paper tubes... and we all have those.

Duct Tape Wallet - Make the classic wallet for Dad, using only duct tape and scissors (and a ruler for measuring!). This is a great teen craft.

Summer Crafts For Kids

Paper Graduation Cap - Using paper and some simple folding, this cap can be used as party favors or decorations. They can be made in any size you choose.

Sand Casts - A fun craft to do on vacation at the beach! Kids can create casts of their hands and feet to remember their size.

Sandcastle Craft - This is a fun summer craft for kids, using paper towel tubes and a little sand.
Patriotic Crafts For Kids

Fall Crafts For Kids

Autumn Leaf Wreath - Create a beautiful decoration for your door by collecting fresh fall leaves.

Handprint Tree - Create leaves using childrens' handprints and create a large tree, perfect for a classroom mural.

Paper Strip Pumpkin - Create a pretty pumpkin using colored strips of paper.

Halloween Crafts For Kids

Fabric Stiffened Ghost - A favorite craft for kids, this ghost appears to float with nothing holding him up inside.

Halloween Art Project - Free kid crafts using art and painting techniques help children learn how to blend colors. Here, a sunset is created as a perfect background for a Halloween scene.

Q-tip Skeleton - Create a skeleton using Q-tips.

Spider Craft - The cute spider makes a great Halloween decoration.

Spooky Ghost Necklace - Ghost pendants are made using only white glue and some embellishments.

Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Bubble Wrap Indian Corn - Children love painting the bubble wrap kernels on these ears of corn!

Indian Headband Napkin Rings - Unique napkin rings are created using paper towel tubes and some crafting feathers.

Paper Bag Turkey - Create a fun turkey you can paint and decorate, using a paper bag!

Paper Plate Cornucopia - Create a cornucopia using paper plates, and then cut out foods from magazines to go inside.

Pine Cone Turkey - Everyone knows about the classic pine cone turkey, but this one has a few things different about this face.

Q-tip Turkey - This turkey has a beautiful tail made of cotton swabs, and can be used as a note holder.

Thankful Turkey Craft - A craft that gets children thinking about the things they are thankful for.

Thanksgiving Place Mat - This place mat is made of Foamie sheets, so they can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Christmas Crafts For Kids

Angel Craft - This beautiful angel is made of craft supplies you probably already have in the house.

Candy Cane Reindeer - Here's one of many more free kid crafts listed. These reindeer are perfect for hanging on the tree or to give away as treats.

Clothespin Reindeer - Create a standing reindeer which can be used as an ornament or a decoration.

Fingerprint Gift Tags - Learn how to create unique gift tags or cards by making designs using your fingerprints and some markers.

Handprint Snowman Ornament - Hands are painted white and stamped on a clear plastic ball ornament, then decorated to look like snowmen.

Jesus Fish Ornament - A nice Sunday school craft for kids, using pipecleaners and white school glue.

Jingle Bell Snowman - This little snowman ornament is made from a jinglebell and can be personalized with your child's name.

Preschool Ornament Craft - A very simple craft perfect for the young ones. Three craft sticks are glued together and decorated to look like a Christmas tree.

Reindeer Ornament - Similar to the craft above, this triangle ornament is decorated to become a reindeer.

Sled Ornament - Many of my free kid crafts listed use wooden craft sticks (popsicle sticks). This one uses the sticks to create a cute sled.

New Year's Eve Crafts For Kids

New Year's Eve Party Favors - Paper towel tubes can be filled with goodies and "cracked" open at midnight!

New Year's Eve Party Hat - This free printable gives cut out numbers of the upcoming new year. The year is decorated and turned into a hat.

Noisemaker Craft - Kids love making noise, so this craft will keep them entertained on New Year's Eve.

YOUR Craft Submissions

The crafts that appear below are all submissions from visitors like you!

Baby Jesus Ornament - Wendy shares an adorable and easy ornament to make with the baby Jesus. A perfect Sunday School craft!

Jelly bookmark - Samatha describes how to make soft, colorful bookmarks using glue and markers.

Noodle Flowers - Wendy using uncooked pasta noodles to create a Springtime garden.

Valentine Necklace - Glenda shares a paper necklace to make for Valentine's day with great step by step photos.

I hope you enjoyed these free kid crafts!

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