Easter Cross Craft

easter cross craft

This little Easter cross craft is made with some ribbon and a small square of plastic canvas sheet. It is a pretty easy pattern to master once you get the hang of it, so this project is suitable for older children and seniors who still can master threading through the holes.

I have included a video tutorial of the technique, because some learn better by watching. You will need to download the pattern included in the directions below. This pattern has holes that are numbered, so you will know which hole to thread and in what order.
This cross craft is a unique religious craft and works well as a Sunday School craft. And while it is pretty on its own, you can make this into many different things! Here are a few ideas:

Make it into a Pin: Sew a pin backing to the back of the cross. This would look beautiful on your coat or bag for Easter!
Make it into a Necklace: Use more of the same ribbon to create a necklace, simply thread the ribbon under the top loop at the top of the cross.
Make it into a Magnet: Use a strong glue and attach a button magnet to the back, to display all year long. 
Make it into a Bookmark: Add a thick length of ribbon to the cross. The ribbon can go into the book pages, with the cross dangling on the outside.
Make it into a Car Mirror Decoration: Add a ribbon and hang this cross from your car rearview mirror to remind the angels to watch over you!
Make it into a Bible Cover Embellishment: Glue this cross to your felt or fabric Bible cover.
Make it into an Ornament: You can make these with red or green ribbon to make it a Christmas tree ornament.
Make an Easter Card: Glue this cross to the front of a homemade Easter card.

Materials Needed for this Cross Craft:   

  • Plastic canvas sheet (7 holes per inch)
  • 1/8" wide ribbon in your color of choice
  • Cross Pattern (download by clicking the link)
  • Washable marker
  • Scissor
  • Small rose embellishment (optional)

Instructions for the Easter Cross Craft:

1. Begin the cross craft by downloading the cross pattern here, and print it off. This is a PDF file (a new window will open).

cross craft pattern

2. Next, watch this video. If you still have questions, you can read more specific step by step directions below.

3. Using the washable marker, draw the cross pattern on the plastic canvas sheet, by following the pattern you printed off. Just count and keep track of the squares. Then, cut out your cross. Wipe off the washable marker with a wet tissue.

cross craft

4. Measure out approximately three and a half to four feet of the 1/8" ribbon. You can cut this off of the spool, or leave it on, which ever you prefer. To make the ribbon easier to thread you may like to use a large needle, or reinforce the end of the ribbon with scotch tape to stop fraying.

5. Starting from behind the cross, thread the ribbon up through the middle hole of the cross (square 1 on the pattern). Bring the ribbon all the way through, leaving about a two inch tail.

6. Next, bring the ribbon up to square 2 on the pattern, and thread it down through this hole. Bring the ribbon behind the cross, and go up through hole 3. Continue working this way, following the numbers. Keep the ribbon nice and straight and be sure it does not get twisted.

7. When you get halfway through, you will bring the ribbon up and over the right side arm of the cross, and begin threading up through hole 12 on the left side of the arm.

8. Continue threading, following the rest of the numbers. When you get to the end, secure the ribbon by wrapping it diagonally, twice around the center of the cross. You will be making an "X", and this tightens up the cross and keeps everything secure.

9. Tie the ribbon ends together in the back to secure. Add a small rose embellishment if you like!

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