'Love Yourself' Mixed Media Art Canvas

by Sandra Hricik
(Palm Harbor, Florida, USA)

'Love Yourself' Canvas

'Love Yourself' Canvas

Sandra has submitted her first mixed media canvas for us all to see. Here is how she did it:

Canvas (Joann's, Michael's, WalMart, or any craft store)
Craft Glue
Finishing Spray
Decorative stickers, photos, pictures, card stock ribbons, etc.
Acrylic Craft Paint in various colors and Spray on glitter.
Paint Brushes or Sponge Brushes

(1) Paint canvas and put as many colors as you desire;
you can use an old credit card to smear the colors
for a great effect. Let Dry.

(2) Apply your card stock, photos, anything that grabs
your attention with Mod Podge. Use a crafter's
grid to create 'texture' (I used a 6 x 6 inch mini
chicken wire). You can also use Stencils for added

(3) Glue your craft stickers, bling, ribbon, photos, etc.
(I also used an old English handmade doily that I
spray painted over with Blue Krylon paint -- let dry
and gently pull off canvas).

(4) When your 'art work' is finished, use craft
finishing spray (matt or semi-gloss) to seal and

This is my first attempt at doing a Mixed Media Canvas;
Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

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Jul 10, 2017
by: Anuradha

thank you for sharing

Vibrant and doable

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