Baby Jar Candle Holder

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baby jar candle holder

This baby jar candle holder is a cute craft and a fun way to add ambiance to an outdoor barbeque.

When my kids were small, I love saving baby food jars. If you have small children, you will have access to a plentiful supply! Or, you can ask friends with babies to save some for you.

You can hang these jars on branches of a tree or along your deck. Use a real tealight or try a flameless battery operated votive. These look great clustered together in a group, and are a beautiful for outdoor formal gatherings. I've seen wedding receptions with these hainging from the trees, creating a beautiful atmosphere.

Materials Needed:   

  • 20 gauge wire in copper and silver
  • Approximately 12 one inch eye pins (sold in a small package by the jewelry findings)
  • Beads of choice. I used three beads per eye pin, that were 3/4 cm in diameter.
  • Jewelry pliers and wire cutters
  • small candle


1. Begin by removing the labels from the baby jars and cleaning them very well.

baby jar candle holder

2. Next, cut a length of copper wire 8 inches long, and a length of silver wire 8 inches long. Lay them side by side.

3. Thread on 12 eyepins through both pieces of wire, and space them out equally along the two pieces of wire.

baby jar candle holder

4. Grasp the wire over one eye pin with the jewelry pliers. With your other hand, twist the jewelry wire a few times, between each eyepin. Then, grasp the wire over the next eyepin, and twist the wire again. This adds a nice twisted look to the wire.

baby jar candle holder

5. Wrap the twisted wire with the eyepins dangling around the mouth of the baby jar. Secure the ends by twisted them around each other. Curl and twist the hanging wire ends to make them look more decorative.

baby jar candle holder

6. Thread on three beads to each eye pin. While holding them in place, using the jewerly pliers to bend up the end of the eye pin wire to hold the beads in place.

baby jar candle holder
baby jar candle holder
baby jar candle holder
baby jar candle holder

7. Add a length of wire as a loop for hanging. This can be attached by wrapping the ends of the hanging wire to the wire wrapped around the mouth of the baby jar. Enjoy your baby jar candle holder!

baby jar candle holder

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