Shamrock Necklace

St. Patrick's Day Jewelry

This cute shamrock necklace can be made very easily and is very festive for St. Patrick's Day.

This craft is perfect for school age children, and is inexpensive to make. The necklace looks like a shamrock, with a jingle bell as each leaf. A green chenille stem finishes off the clover.

If you use small jingle bells, you can make small dangle earrings to match!

shamrock necklace

Things Needed:

  • Three 25 mM green jingle bells
  • One green pipe cleaner
  • Black cord for necklace
  • Scissors or wire cutters

1. Begin the necklace by threading the green pipecleaner through all three jingle bells, as shown.

three jingle bells threaded

2. Twist the left hand side of the pipe cleaner up between the middle and right jingle bell as shown, and wrap it around a few times. Then wrap the right hand side of the pipe cleaner around the middle of the bells to secure.


twisted together

3. Finish by gathering the two pipe cleaner ends, and twisting them together and down to form the stem. Thread black cording through the top jingle bell to make the necklace.

pipe cleaner tailcutting stem

threading cord shamrock necklace

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