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This shamrock wreath will greet your guests with some Irish cheer this St. Patrick's Day.

It is perfect to hang year round to celebrate your Irish heritage or to decorate for the month of March.

This St. Patrick's Day wreath is made using three foam hearts, which you can easily find in craft stores near the foam shapes and wreath supplies. Here I made a three leaf clover, but you could also add another heart to create a lucky four leaf clover. I then wrapped the hearts using party crepe paper streamers, or you could paint them green. I embellished them with pearl beads, then added a ribbon and it was ready for hanging.

shamrock wreath

Things Needed for the Shamrock Wreath:

  • Three 10 inch foam hearts
  • roll of green crepe paper (sold by the party supplies)
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • white glue (such as Elmer's)
  • wire
  • Size #8 1/2 inch short straight pins
  • 4 mM white pearl beads
  • St. Patrick's day ribbon for the bow
  • 2 paper brads
  • fishing line or cord for hanging

1. Begin this shamrock wreath with three foam hearts. The ones I bought were the 10 inch size and were already green, but they were a little scuffed up. I chose to wrap mine with green crepe paper, but you could also spray paint them green if you like.

foam hearts

2. Using green crepe paper, secure one end of the paper to the wreath using glue. Add a line of white glue on the foam heart. Then, wrap the crepe paper around the hearts tightly, overlapping it about halfway over the first wrap. Around the corners you may find you have a bit of paper sticking up. This is easily fixed with a bit of white glue. When you get the whole heart wrapped, secure the end of the crepe paper with some glue. Wrap all three hearts like this.

wrapping heart wrapping crepe paper2

wrapped heart2

3. Place the three hearts together to form a shamrock shape. Using a hot glue gun, secure the pieces together. This will not be enough to hold the shapes together, so use some wire and wrap all three hearts together in the middle. You will be putting a bow over the middle so you don't have to worry about the wire being seen.

three heart shamrock wire center

4. To add some decorations, I chose to decorate the wreath with pearl beads. You can use any type of bead you wish, or even try some sequins. I threaded a pearl bead on short straight pins, then pushed each pin into the wreath, as shown.

threading pinadding pin

pearl beads

5. Create a bow using a length of St. Patrick's Day ribbon. If you would like step by step directions on how to make a pretty bow, just see the my other project, St. Patrick's Day wreath. After the bow is created, use a bit of wire to connect it the middle of the wreath.

wreath bow

6. To create a hanger, push two large headed paper brads into the foam on the back of the wreath, about two inches apart. Then, tie a length of fishing line or cord around each brad to create a loop for hanging.

wreath hanger2

7. Have fun showing off your shamrock wreath this St. Patrick's Day!

shamrock wreath

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