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This candy cane pin is a cute Christmas craft that can be made using only a few materials. You will need tri-beads, a pipe cleaner, and some lace ribbon.

These are fun to put together and are easy to make in quantity, since the materials are very inexpensive since you can buy the beads in multi-packs. This pin will look festive on your winter coat or Christmas sweater, or try selling them at your next Christmas bazaar!

candy cane pin

Things Needed for this Christmas Arts and Crafts Project:

  • 5 inch red pipe cleaner
  • red tri-beads
  • green tri-beads
  • 11.5 inch of lace ribbon, about 3/4 inch wide (see photo below to see what type to buy)
  • small length of ribbon for bow (optional)
  • holly berries for adornment (optional)

1. Begin the candy cane pin by cutting the red pipe cleaner to six inches. The lace ribbon you will need works best if there are holes in the ribbon for threading, as shown below.

red pipecleaner and tri-beadslace ribbon

2. Begin by threading on a red tri-bead. Then, thread the ribbon on to the pipe cleaner, using one of the lacey "holes" to thread it on. Begin at the very end of the ribbon, and cut off any excess ribbon.

threading on bead and ribbon

3. Next thread on a green tri-bead, and wrap the ribbon up to thread it on again, through one of the holes, as shown. Continue threading on the beads and ribbon, alternating bead colors, until you get near the end of the pipe cleaner.

two beads threaded onthreaded beads

threaded pipecleaner

4. Bend the pipe cleaner into the shape of a candy cane, as shown below.

candy cane shape2

5. Secure the ends of the pipe cleaner by wrapping and twisting each end securely around the last tri-bead.

securing ends

6. If desired, add a bow for additional decoration. To imitate the look shown here, you will need a small length of ribbon tied into a bow, a small length of wire, and some artificial holly berries.

parts for bow

7. Wrap the wire around the bow, then wrap the berries around the center of the bow. Use the wire to wrap the adornment securely to the pin. Finish by gluing a pin backing to the candy cane pin, and it is ready to wear.

wire wrapped around bowbow with berries

candy cane pin

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