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    Welcome to Crafts For All Seasons! On this site you will find free craft projects for every season of the year and many holidays.

    I'm so glad you stumbled upon my little spot on the Internet! My name is Karen, and I love, love, love being creative, and I love, love, love teaching others. And that is why this site exists.

    This site is very different from many other craft sites because I teach you, in very simple terms, how to make each craft.

    Each project on this site has easy step-by-step instructions, with many photos to help you along the way so you can visualize each step.

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Crafts For All Seasons

To get started viewing projects, click on a holiday or season tab to the left to see a list of all the craft projects for that occasion. For your convenience, there is also a search box at the top right of all the pages, so you can search the entire Crafts For All Seasons website.

I'm sure many of you agree that crafting is a wonderful hobby. Even if you haven't done anything "artsy" before, you can do these many of these projects with the help of the detailed instructions and photos. You can follow the directions exactly, or even better, use your own creativity to make them unique and your own. You will also get more help and suggestions from the comments that visitors leave under each craft project.

There are many craft projects on the Crafts For All Seasons website that are simple and easy, as well as some that are more complicated for people who would like to try something more challenging. Also, on each holiday link there are easy crafts for kids, as well as a entire page devoted to just kids crafts. If you are a teacher please check back often for great school craft ideas! In addition, there are good ideas for religious crafts, perfect for Sunday School teachers.

Many of these crafts will beautify your home, and some make wonderful gifts. People love getting something where thought and effort was put into making it.

On each holiday/season page, there is a place where you can submit a craft of your own. Your craft will become its own page on this website, so you can show your friends and link to it. Submit your own craft, or just sit back and browse through other's contributions!

Feel free to leave me any questions, comments, or suggestions on the crafts you see, using the Facebook commenting form, or by contacting me directly. I post frequently asked questions, and great suggestions from my visitors, right on the craft web page for all to see. You can also submit a photo of your finished craft and it will be added to the craft page. It is fun to see all the creative variations you all come up with! Just

Be sure to check out the Tips and Techniques page to read interesting articles on craft techniques. This is a great place to start if you have never tried a certain craft technique before, and some of the articles are written by top experts.

You can even earn extra income by selling your work at bazaars and craft fairs! Check out the crafting for profit page for more information.

For your convenience, there is also a craft supply store on this site, which offers discount craft supplies through Amazon's secure shopping site. I include some of my very favorite products on the very first page of the shop.

I hope you enjoy Crafts For All Seasons, and I really appreciate you stopping by! My visitors mean the world to me, so thank you!

Please bookmark this website and check back often for new crafts, I update this site often. The three newest crafts are always pictured on the top of this home page.

Another easy place to check for the new additions to the site is the What's New tab on the left navigation bar, which is my RSS feed.

Even better, sign up for my free quarterly newsletter, "The Creative Crafter". This free newsletter also keeps you informed of the newest crafts added, as well as a free craft that only subscribers get to see.

If you use Facebook, please become a fan of the Crafts For All Seasons Page and join my Google+ page, and you will find out all the new crafts as they are added to the site, and get to know other crafters. You can also follow me on Twitter, or visit my craft idea boards at Pinterest!

So what are you waiting for? Let's get crafting!

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