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This jingle bell spider craft is a beautiful Halloween decoration that it isn't very complicated to make, yet makes a very elegant and classy statement.

They are made from two jingle bells, some pretty beads, and black pipe cleaners.

They look great hanging in a group or just strategically placed along some of your Halloween dishes on the buffet table at your party. These also make perfect Halloween ornaments is you happen to decorate an all-occasion tree!

spider craft

Things Needed:

  • Two 25 mM jingle bells (orange, black, purple, or green look best for Halloween)
  • Two 12 inch long black pipe cleaners
  • 24 beads (I used 8 mM round marbleized pearl beads)
  • Scissors
  • Small length of wire (I used 20 gauge wire)
  • Small jewelry pliers (optional, but come in handy)
  • Glue

1. Begin the jingle bell spider by attaching the two jingle bells together. This is most easily done by taking a small length of wire and threading it between the two small hangers in each jingle bell, and wrapping it several times to secure. Use some jewelry pliers to help.

threading jingle bellsjingle bells wrapped

2. Cut each 12 inch pipe cleaner in two six inch sections, you will have four total.

pipe cleaners

3. Thread two pipe cleaners through the front jingle bell, and two through the back jingle bell, as shown below.

threaded pipe cleaners

4. Thread on a bead on to each of the 8 pipe cleaner legs, and thread it all the way up flush with the jingle bell. You can use a little glue to secure if desired. This keeps the legs from coming out of the jingle bells.

threaded beads

5. Now, take your time and bend each leg to look like a spider leg. Begin by bending each pipe cleaner up from where it comes out of the jingle bell. Then about halfway down make the pipe cleaner bend down. Look at the photos for help. Then, thread on two more beads on each leg. Secure the beads with a little bit of glue, if desired. A cord can also be added around the middle of the two jingle bells for hanging.

spider decoration2

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