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This noisemaker craft is a children's project they can put together themselves, and use for New Year's Eve! They are made from plastic glass tumblers, and be filled with anything to make noise. The outside can then be decorated with paint, stickers, stencils, etc. Party crafts are always a hit!

This craft is great for very young toddler. They will enjoy filling up the cup with little things around the house that make noise. To make the decorating really easy, give the child some stickers to put on the outside after you help them tape up the noisemaker.

noisemaker craft

Things Needed for this party shaker:

  • 2 plastic disposable tumblers
  • colored electrical or craft tape
  • things to fill shaker (I used pony beads and wood beads. Other suggestions: beans, rice, popcorn kernels, jingle bells, small stones)
  • paint and paintbrush, or other decorations for outside of the shaker

1. Begin this New Year's craft by filling up one of the plastic glasses with things that make noise. I used pony beads and wood beads, but other suggestions are beans, rice, popcorn kernels, jingle bells, or small stones. Place the other tumbler on top of the first one to enclose the shaker.

adding pony beadsadding large wood beads

shaker enclosed

2. Next, secure the glasses together by wrapping the edges together with the colored electrical or craft tape. Press down well.

adding tapetaped shut

3. Now it is time to decorate the outside of the party shaker. Use paints and a paintbrush to add designs like I did, or try stickers! Enjoy the midnight countdown!

    paintingfinished painting

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