Paper Graduation Cap

Graduation Gifts to Make

This paper graduation cap is a clever craft made from folded construction paper.

There are many way this little cap can be used, with some imagination. The graduation cap can be used on top of a wrapped gift package for the graduate. They also look great at graduation party decorations (they can be made in any size) or as party favors. It is also a cute gift for teachers to give out to their children who are "graduating" from preschool!

Be sure to use school colors!

However you choose to use the hat, you will definitely enjoy how simple this craft is to put together.

paper graduation cap

Things Needed:

  • 8.5 x 8.5 inch square piece of construction paper or card stock.
  • 11.5 x 2 inch strip of construction paper or card stock
  • 6 inch piece of yarn
  • stapler
  • hole punch

1. Begin the paper graduation cap by folding in one corner of the square piece of paper. Continue with the next three corners, folding them in to meet in the middle. Follow the photos below for help.

square piece of paperone corner folded in

two sides folded inthree sides folded in

2. You will now have a smaller square. Begin to do the same thing again, folding each corner into the center. Use the photos below for guidance.

folding in corner once againfolding in second corner

all corners folded in

3. Next, take each flap in the center, and fold it back upon itself until the corner point reaches the edge of the square. Do this for all four flaps. The top of the graduation hat is done. These four "flaps" will serve as the anchors to attach the headpiece to.

folding out center flapsall four flaps folded up

4. To make the headpiece, fold the 8.5 x 2 inch strip of paper in half, lengthwise.

folded strip

5. Place each of the "flaps" from the top of the graduation cap inside the fold of the headpiece strip, as shown. Staple to secure.

attaching the headpieceattaching the headpiece

headpiece addedstapling to secure

6. Punch a hole at one corner of the cap for the tassel.

punching hole

7. To make the tassel, make a knot about one inch up from one end of the yarn. Then, unravel the yarn from the knot to the end to create a tassel.

knot in yarntassel

8. Tie the tassel through the hole you made in the cap. Your graduation craft is complete!

tying tasselside view of paper graduation cap

Comments from Others:

by msbroyo
(New Jersey)

"I gave my senior high school students Blow Pops with these little caps on them. It's one of the many end of the year treats I have planned. Perfect directions. Thanks!"

Wow! What a great idea... thank you for sharing msbroyo!

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