Decorated Wine Bottle

This decorated wine bottle is made by covering it in decoupage, using patterned tissue paper.

The bottle can serve as a decoration, or can be used to hold oils, vinegars, bath soap, etc. To have it hold a liquid, simply add a top with a spout that dispenses, available at most kitchen stores.

This project offers a lot of creative possibilities. Every wine bottle you make will look different. Different looks are achieved by using different colored wine bottles (here I used green) and different tissue paper patterns to decoupage. Have fun experimenting!

decorated wine bottle

Things Needed:

  • Empty wine bottle with cork
  • Tissue paper (colors and designs of your choice)
  • Decoupage medium (such as Mod Podge)
  • Paint brush
  • Green or purple marbles (sold in craft stores near the floral section)
  • Flat marble stone
  • 20 gauge craft wire
  • Bead of choice
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Razor Blade

1. Begin the decorated wine bottle by cleaning out a wine bottle and removing the label as best you can. Best results are achieved quickly if you use a razor blade to remove the label, and then let it soak in warm soapy water. If it is a special bottle of wine that meant a lot to you, you may choose not to remove the label. You can then cover the wine bottle with a very light transparent tissue paper and the label will show through.

scraping off label

2. Take your tissue paper and rip it into a bunch of small pieces. Then, brush on some decoupage medium onto the wine bottle. Add a piece of tissue paper to the bottle, and press it down to adhere to the bottle using the paintbrush, trying to get rid of any air bubbles. Then, brush over the tissue paper you just added with more decoupage medium. Continue adding tissue paper, overlapping pieces, until the entire bottle is covered.

adding decoupage mediumadding tissue

adding decoupage medium over tissue

3. Allow to dry. If desired, give the entire bottle another coat of decoupage sealer. Here is what mine looked like when it was all dry:

decoupaged bottle

4. Hot glue the green or purple marbles on the center of the bottle to look like a group of grapes, as shown below.

gluing grapesgrapes

5. Next, wind a few sections of 20 gauge (or similar gauge) wire around the end of a paintbrush. Hot glue these spirals to the grape bunch to be the "vines".

wrapping wire2vine stems

.gluing stems

6. Next, add the cork to the top of the decorated wine bottle. If you feel it sticks up too high, you can slice it in half with a razor blade. For a decorative touch, hot glue a flat marble stone on top of the cork. Or add another decorative element of your choice.

adding top of cork

7. Wrap the 20 gauge wire around the top of the wine bottle, beginning at the very top (near the base of the cork) and wrapping it around the stem. Finish the wire by making a decorative loop. Use your creativity. The photo to the bottom left shows the shape of my finished wire. Add a fancy bead to the end of the wire, and use some pliers to bend the end of the wire up so the bead will not fall off.

decorative wirebending wire to hold bead

detail of top of wine bottle

8. The decorated wine bottle is now ready to give away as a gift or enjoy for yourself!

wine bottle craft

Suggestions from Others:

Easy Way to Remove Wine Labels
Submitted by: Anonymous

"Many labels these days are applied with gum adhesive that softens with heat. I have used this successfully for removing labels to keep in my wine tasting log. Heat 4 cups of water in the microwave until hot, but not boiling. With the wine bottle in a sink, carefully fill the wine bottle with hot water you heated. After a few minutes you will be able to peal off the label (caution: the bottle will be quite warm.)

If this doesn't work, the adhesive is probably water soluble and will loosen by soaking the whole bottle in warm water for a while. It should peal off easily then."

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