Handprint Sheep

This is handprint sheep is a cute and fun project to do with your children.

It is extra special and has more meaning since it uses the child's handprint. It will be one of those keepers for sure! This is great for a school art project too, and you don't need too many supplies.

child's sheep craft

Things Needed:

  • Paper Plate
  • Black Paint
  • Light blue card stock or construction paper (or color of your choice)and a little scrap of black paper
  • Glue
  • Cotton balls
  • Googly eye
  • Crayons

1. Begin by pouring some of the black paint on a paper plate. Have your card stock ready. Then, have your child dip his or her hand into the paint and make a handprint in the center of the card stock. Allow this to dry well.

child's hand in paint making hand print

black hand print

2. When the handprint is dry, it is time to decorate it. Turn the handprint upside down, so the fingers are pointing down. The fingers will be the sheep's legs, and the thumb is his tail.

3. Use cotton balls, and spread them apart slightly to glue them on the center of the sheep.

spreading cotton adding glue to handprint

adding cotton to the handprint

4. Make the sheep's head by cutting an oval from black paper. I like to use the handle of my scissors as a template. Then glue on a googly eye. You can use a black marker to add a little ear.

tracing oval using scissors handprint sheep

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