Paper Flower Bouquet

Gifts to Make for Mother's Day

This paper flower bouquet is an easy craft for children to make as a gift for Mother's Day.

My child's preschool made these this year, and the children had fun practicing their cutting and gluing skills!

The flowers look really pretty sitting on your window sill or on the mantle. These paper flower bouquets can be made in two different sizes.

For the larger bouquet, you need a larger piece of paper and a larger disposable cup. The smaller bouquet can be made using a standard 8.5"x 11" paper and a dixie cup.

paper flower bouquet

Here are several flower bouquets in my daughter's preschool room:

The flower bouquets being presented on my daughter's classroom table

Things Needed For Large Bouquet (pictured in the two photos above):

  • 5 inch tall disposable plastic cup (colored ones look best!)
  • 15" x 12.5" large piece of rectangle green construction paper or card stock.
Things Needed For Smaller Bouquet (shown below in some of the step by step photos:)

  • 8.5" x 11" standard size piece of green construction paper or card stock.
  • 3 inch tall disposable Dixie cup

Additional items needed:

  • Colored tissue paper (below I used yellow) cut into 1 inch squares
  • ruler
  • pencil or marker
  • scissors
  • glue
  • stapler

1. Begin the paper flower bouquet by folding the green paper in half lengthwise.

folded paper

2. Using a ruler, draw a horizontal line, one inch up from the bottom edge. Above this, measure off vertical strips one inch in width. See the photos below for help.

measuring stripsmarked paper

3. Using the scissors, cut on the vertical lines. Stop when you reach the horizontal line so you don't cut all the way through. When you are finished, unfold the paper.

cuttingpaper open

4. Next, you are going to begin to fold the paper back in half again. However, do not bring the paper to meet the bottom edge, but instead bring it one inch up from the bottom edge, as shown. Use a stapler to secure this at each edge and in the middle. This offset causes the ends of the "leaves" to curve outward.

stapling sides

5. Next, begin to roll the paper so the leaves are turning outward, and secure the tube with a staple.

rolling leavesstapling stem

6. Place the bouquet in the cup, and staple it to the side of the cup to secure.

small bouquet

7. Crumple up the little one inch squares of tissue paper. Then put a dot of white glue on the top of each folded leaf. Then glue on the crumpled tissue paper to be the flowers.

crumpled up tissue paperglue added on each leaf

applying flowers

8. The paper flower bouquet is complete. Mothers are sure love this homemade craft!

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