Snow Globe

A snow globe is not hard to make, and this tutorial will show you how to make one as shown below.

The winter months can be a little dull, and I am always looking for new ideas to keep my daughter busy while being cooped up indoors. One fun thing to do with children is to have them make these cute decorations.

Anything at all can be made for inside the snow globe, since it will be crafted out of polymer clay! Think of wintery things, like penguins, polar bears, cardinals, ice-skaters, igloos, etc! These globes can be made around Christmas-time too, so Santa or reindeer are great choices.

Below I made a one with a snowman, and I have the step by step directions on how to make the snowman out of polymer clay.

snowman snow globe craft

Things Needed:
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  • Empty baby food jar and lid, with label removed.
  • Polymer Clay (in whatever colors you need)
  • White paint
  • Strong glue (I used a hot glue gun)
  • Glitter or other sparkles to add to the globe to act as “snow”
  • Glycerine (sold in drug stores), optional
  • Rubber cement
  • Water

1. To begin the snow globe you will first want to make the polymer clay figure. If you’ve never worked with polymer clay before, click here to be connected to my Tips and Techniques Page about polymer clay (a new window will open). For the snowman, I first rolled three balls of white clay in the palm of my hand, making each one get slightly smaller.

rolling ball of polymer clay
three balls of polymer clay

2. Assemble the balls together to make a snowman. Check to make sure the figure is still small enough to fit in the snow globe by placing the jar over the snowman. If he’s too big, then make the balls slightly smaller.

assembling snowman

3. Make a mouth by using a drinking straw that has its end cut in half lengthwise about an inch in. This is a perfect small smiley face. Just poke the straw into the clay, and presto! You have a smiling mouth.

inserting straw into clay
smile added to snowman

4. Use a toothpick to poke two holes for where his eyes will go. You can twist the toothpick around in the hole to make it bigger.

poking eyes

5. Make two tiny black balls for the eyes and push them in the holes. A toothpick may help for picking up the tiny eyes.

6. Make the nose from a small ball of white (or color of your choice) clay, and press it on. Next, place the head on the body.

photo of snowman's face

7. To make his arms, roll a large white ball. Then, roll this ball in between your hands, back and forth, to make a thick rope with rounded ends. Cut this rope in half with a blade, and attach each arm to the back of the snowman.

log of clay for making the arms
log cut in half for two arms

assembled snowman

8. For the hat, begin by making a ball. Then, roll the ball between your palms back and forth until it becomes flatter on the sides, like a cylinder. You can then take a razor blade and cut off the ends to make a perfect cyclinder. For the brim of the hat, begin with a ball and flatten it to a flat circle between your hands. Then you can press the cylinder onto the flat circle, and push the hat on the snowman’s head.

rolling a blue ball of clay
making brim of hat

making the hat

9. For the scarf, I chose to make a striped one. To do this, you need to sandwich a few different colored layers of clay together as shown, then roll it into a log. Use a tool (brayer, rolling pin) or your hands, to press the log down flat. You can use a razor blade to cut long straight sides to the scarf. To make the frayed ends, take a razor blade and make tiny cuts, as shown. Then wrap the scarf around the snowman.

two squares of clay sandwiching the two squares of clay

cutting the clay stack in half cutting stacks in half once more

stacking colors of clay compressing the clay scarf

flattening scarf with razor blade cutting scarf ends

10. To make the buttons, I pushed black seed beads into the middle ball. Or, you can make tiny black balls out of polymer clay.

11. When the snowman is done, bake him according the manufacturer’s directions. Allow him to cool. I always spray my polymer clay pieces with a clear sealing coat, or brush on a clear lacquer, but this step is optional.

polymer clay snowman

12. When the snowman is dry, use a hot glue gun (or another strong glue) to attach him to the bottom of the baby food jar.

13. Add water to the jar until 2/3 full. Then, add a little bit of glycerin (about 10 drops to start). The more you add, the "thicker" the water will be. This will make the glitter swirl longer. This step is optional. Then, add in glitter, tiny silver snowflakes, or fake snow to the jar to look like the snow.

pouring glitter

14. Glue around the lid of the baby food jar, and while it is still wet, screw on the jar lid tightly. Do this over the sink. Some of the water/glycerin mixture may get displaced and spill out, but that is OK. That ensures you have filled it up as far as you can go.

15. Wipe off the outside and the snow globe is done! These look really cute when you make a few and display them in groupings!

finished snow globe

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