Pencil Cup Holder

This clever pencil cup holder is an easy craft for kids to make and is a great gift for Father's Day.

It is made using empty toilet paper rolls and some cardboard. It is inexpensive, made out of recycled materials, and is easy to make! What more can you ask for?

Dad will love to take this to the office to hold his pens, pencils, and scissors. And since it was homemade, it will be even more special


pencil cup holder

Things Needed:

  • 4 empty toilet paper tubes
  • Scrap of heavy cardboard
  • Acyrlic paints with paintbrush, or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler

1. Begin the pencil cup holder by cutting a small strip (about 1 inch wide) out of each toilet paper tube.

toilet paper tubes cut

2. Staple the four tubes together, as shown, to make a four leaf clover shape.


3. Cut out a circle from the heavy cardboard. You want this circle to be bigger than the pencil cup holder since it will be the base. Then, place the tubes on top of this circle, and with a pencil trace the outline of the tubes onto the circle (I traced along the inside, as shown below, but you can also trace around the outside, which will be much easier!)

tracing inside of tubes

4. Add a thick strip of glue all along the design you traced. Don't be afraid to use a lot, because it dries clear! Then, squish the toilet paper rolls on top of the glue and allow this to dry very well before painting.

gluetubes on glue

5. The tubes can now be painted in any way you like. The pencil cup looks best when you paint the interior of the tubes a solid color. Make sure to paint the base too. Other ideas are to decorate it with markers, stickers, decoupage, or try gluing small stones all over it! This is the real creative part to make it your own, and special for your dad. If you would like to see how I painted my design, keep on reading below.

Begin by using black paint, and paint a few designs on the tubes every so often. I use a straight line, a squiggle line, triangles, dots, and stars.

black designs

6. Next, outline each shape with blue paint. Then, outline each blue shape with green. You can use as many colors as you wish. When you are finished, start again with the original color (in this case, black) and repeat the order. When you get to the point where the shapes are getting so large they are going to intersect, just allow them to meld together and wrap around the new outline this creates when you do your new color.

blue paint addedgreen paint added
black paint added2pencil cup holder

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