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These tissue daffodils are super quick to make, and when you make a bunch of them they look really nice!

These can be displayed in a vase as a bouquet, or tied to a gift package. These are a good craft for children, since they are fast and easy to put together. All you need is yellow tissue paper and a green "bendy" drinking straw.

tissue daffodils

Things Needed:

  • Yellow tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Thick marker or other similar sized object
  • Green "bendy" straw
  • glue

1. Begin the tissue daffodils by cutting out a 5 inch x 5 inch square from the yellow tissue paper.

5 X 5 square

2. Fold the square of tissue paper in half, and cut along the crease to make two rectangles.

folding in halfcutting in half

3. Place one rectangle aside for later. With the other rectangle, place a thick marker (or another similar shaped object) along one end, and roll the tissue paper around it. Make sure to leave about half of the tissue paper hanging off the marker, and twist this overhanging tissue tightly around the marker, as shown.

beginning to rollrolling


4. Take the second rectangle of tissue paper and fold it in half. Then fold it in half again, and then once again.

folded oncefolded twice

folded three times

5. Hold this folded rectangle upright and use the scissors to cut a petal shape.

cutting petal shape2petal shape

6. Unfold the petal shape and make cut a little way in between each petal, as shown.

petals unrolled

7. Line up the thick marker along the petal edge and roll the petals around the marker, like you did with the first sheet of tissue paper. Twist the ends of the tissue paper again (HINT: wet your fingers to make the ends twist more tightly).

beginning to roll once againwrapped up for the second time

8. Cut off part of the short end of a green bendy straw. Add a drop of glue to the inside of the straw, then stick the end of the flower into the straw, and allow to dry.

cutting strawadding glue

flower on the marker

9. When dry, carefully slide the marker out of the flower. Bend down and flare each tissue petal.

pulling down petals

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