Easter Crafts

The Easter crafts on this page celebrate the season of Spring, from egg carton flower bouquets to decorated polymer clay eggs.

Easter is a time of renewal. Spring is in the air. The snow is melting, there are buds on the trees, and the bulbs in your yard may be beginning to poke through. I hope everyone will find a few Easter crafts here they love! There are many Easter projects for kids to help them celebrate this beautiful time of year. Preschoolers will love the handprint sheep project, grade school children will enjoy the soup can bunnies, and teenagers and adults can give the embroidery floss Easter eggs a try. For a true work of art, try out the beaded egg craft. It takes some time, but the end result to truly beautiful!

Easter is very important for Christians. Jesus has risen and has given us a holiday to remind us that he died for us and gave us eternal life. There are some Easter crafts that are religious, perfect for Sunday school, and adults alike!

polymer clay Easter eggsq-tip lambbeaded egg craft

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Plastic Canvas Ribbon Cross - This little Easter cross craft is made with some ribbon and a small square of plastic canvas sheet. There is a video that goes along with the step by step instructions so you can see it being made.

Beaded Egg Craft - This beautiful egg is made by decorating foam egg with sequins, beads, and straight pins.

Easter Bunny Pin - Adorable bunny pin made from a few materials you can find at any craft store. These sell well at craft fairs.

Easter Chick Craft - This cute little chick is made from half of a plastic egg and an empty applesauce cup.

Easter Egg Spoon Planter - This planter is made out of a yogurt container and decorated with plastic spoons, creating a very unique planter for your Easter plants.

Embroidery Floss Easter Eggs - These eggs are made by wrapping embroidery floss or string around small balloons with glue, and then popping the balloon.

Handprint Sheep - This is an easy craft for a preschooler or young child. The child's hand print is used to make the sheep, and cotton balls are used to decorate it.

Jesus Fish Beaded Safety Pin - This Sunday school craft uses seed beads threaded on safety pins, to create the design of the Jesus fish.

Lamb Craft Place Holder - This little lamb is made out of cotton swabs and clothespin legs. It makes a wonderful name tag holder for the Easter table.

Mini Easter Baskets - This is a craft using recycled plastic applesauce or fruit cups. These baskets look cute filled with jelly beans or other small goodies. Also a perfect party favor for a shower or wedding that is close to Easter.

Polymer Clay Easter Eggs - This project shows you how to make beautiful and intricate polymer clay designs on eggs, using canes. An introduction and tutorial is included to show how to make three different cane designs. This is a good starting point if you are curious about polymer clay, or want to learn about cane work.

Pop Bottle Easter Basket - A creative Spring craft for adults, using the bottom of a 2 liter soda bottle to create an Easter basket.

Soup Can Bunnies - These little cute guys are made using the lid of a soup can or vegetable can. Their cheeks are bottle tops. After adding some googly eyes, some felt pieces, and a pom pom nose, these soup can bunnies are ready to be made into anything you please (think magnets, pins, etc.)

Styrofoam Egg Bunny - This cute bunny craft is made from a Styrofoam egg and some pieces of felt.

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The crafts that appear below are all submissions from visitors like you!

Decorated Easter Bottle with LED Lights
- Turn a regular bottle into a work of art and a beautiful display for Easter.

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