Christmas Crafts

Christmas crafts are all right here! All of these projects have complete step by step instructions.

Christmas, for many, is the most anticipated holiday of the year. Nearly everyone who celebrates this holiday also decorates in some small way, so you will find plenty of holiday decorations and ornaments to make and give.

There are many easy Christmas crafts for kids to make for the home or to give as gifts. The holiday season is also a popular time for craft bazaars, so this is a great place to get some ideas on crafts to make and sell for Christmas! Christians will enjoy the religious crafts that symbolize the true meaning of this holiday.

My hope is that you and your family can start a yearly tradition of making Christmas crafts together during this wonderful time of year! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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Angel Craft - A pretty angel is made using paper and yarn. A great holiday craft for kids.

Beach Ornament - Learn how to make the perfect momento of your summer beach vacation by placing seashells in a glass ball ornament. This doesn't just have to be for the Christmas tree, they look pretty hanging in front of a window too!

Beaded Bell Ornament - Learn how to thread seed beads on a wire and then twist and fold it to create a beaded bell.

Candy Cane Earrings - This is an easy beading project for jewelry beginners.

Candy Cane Pin - This pin is made by threading lace ribbon and beads through a pipe cleaner.

Candy Cane Reindeer - Learn how easy it is to turn a candy cane into a reindeer.

Christmas Card Holder - A tall chip can is wrapped with yarn to hold and display Christmas cards in a creative way.

Christmas Tree Beaded Safety Pin - Seed beads are threaded on to safety pins to create a Christmas tree design.

Christmas Tree Craft - Foam cones are covered with paper streamers and decorated with star sequins. This is a beautiful and easy craft.

Christmas Wood Craft - This wooden forest of trees can be adorned with tealight votive candles and makes a pretty table top decoration or centerpiece.

Clothespin Reindeer - This cute reindeer is made using clothespins and craft sticks.

Coffee Filter Angel Craft - This beautiful angel ornament is made from three coffee filters.

Fingerprint Gift Tags - Instructions on how to make various Christmas designs (wreath, Christmas tree, poinsettia, and holly) using your fingerprints!

Grape Cluster Ornament - This ornament is made using glass marbles, and looks pretty in a window on on any wine lover's Christmas tree.

Handprint Plaque - A beautiful keepsake of your child's handprint is made using Plaster of Paris and a disposable pie tin.

Handprint Snowman Ornament - This is a fun preschool or Kindergarten craft. The teacher can help the children make this as a gift to take home to their parents.

Jesus Fish Ornament - White glue is used to fill in a Jesus Fish design created by a pipe cleaner. The glue is decorated with glitter and allowed to dry clear.

Jingle Bell Snowman - A cute snowman is made out of a jingle bell, a wooden bead, and pipe cleaners.

Knitting Basket Ornament - Are you a knitter? You will love this ornament! A tiny basket is filled with small balls of yarn. So cute!

Paint Swirled Ornament - A clear glass ornament is filled with different hues of paint and is swirled around for a creative effect.

Paper Cone Trees - Learn how to make large, impressive holiday trees using paper cones made out of wrapping paper.

Preschool Ornament Craft - Three craft sticks form a triangle to look like a Christmas tree. The kids will have fun decorating these!

Quilted Ball Ornament - Pieces of fabric are pushed into a foam ball. The end result looks like a puffy, quilted ball.

Snowman Ornament - This little guy is made from a clear glass ball ornament, some paint, and a red sock. He will look great on your tree this year.

Reindeer Ornament - This is an easy preschool craft. The reindeer is made by forming a triangle with three wooden craft sticks.

Seashell Angel Ornament - This whimsical little angel is made out of seashells.

Sled Ornament - Wooden craft sticks are glued together to create this cute sled.

Snowflake Ornament - A clear glass ornament ball is adorned with glitter snowflakes and filled with fake snow for a beautiful effect.

Sparkling Gem Ornament - A clear glass ornament ball is decorated with flat beads and glitter glue.

Tinsel Ornament - A clear glass ornament ball is filled with tinsel and decorated with glitter glue.

Wire Ornament - Learn how colored wire can be wrapped around different shaped cookie cutters to make creative ornaments.

Plexiglass Craft - This 3-dimensional tealight candle holder is made from plexiglass, and looks beautiful when illuminated!

YOUR Craft Submissions

The crafts that appear below are all submissions from visitors like you!

Baby Jesus Ornament - Wendy made this adorable ornament out of some pieces of felt and a wooden doll bead. It is a very easy ornament to make.

Candy Bar Cake - This makes a fun and edible gift to give away for a group of people (or maybe just one person!) Tina explains how to make this and how it was the perfect gift for her children's daycare teachers.

Candy Sleigh Gift - Here's another edible gift, which looks great as a decoration, but then you can eat it after Christmas. It makes a wonderful host/hostess gift for someone having a holiday party.

Christmas Candle Vases - Sandra shows how she creates beautiful vases using decoupage. These look really pretty when luminated with a tealight.

Christmas Vase - Another beautiful creation by Sandra! The colors are beautiful.

Christmas Vase - Another beautiful creation by Sandra! The colors are beautiful.

Polymer Clay Gingerbread Man - A cute little gingerbread man made of polymer clay, I wonder how he is made?

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