Candy Cane Earrings

candy cane earrings

These candy cane earrings are made from threading beads onto a length of wire. They are quick to put together, and they look very festive for the holidays.

Do you sell your crafts at craft fairs? This is a great product. Buy in bulk, and then try making up a bunch of these.

The complete instructions below show how easy it is (and inexpensive) to make these.

Materials Needed:   

  • 24 gauge wire
  • red and white wooden beads (I used 4 mM diameter); you can also use crystals
  • 4 clear seed beads
  • 4 4mM jump rings
  • 2 fish hook earrings
  • jewerly pliers and wire cutters


1. Begin the earrings by cutting two lengths of 24 gauge wire with the wire cutters, about 2 inches long for each segment.

candy cane earrings

2. Next, bend these two wires into the shape of a candy cane, as shown below.

candy cane earrings

3. Using the jewerly pliers, make a small loop at the short end of the cane shape, so a small seed bead will not fall off.

candy cane earrings

4. Thread on a clear seed bead up to the end of the short end of the candy cane, then start threading on white and red beads. After the first three beads are added, thread on a jump ring.

candy cane earrings
candy cane earrings

5. Continue by threading beads, alternating between white and red. When it is long enough, thread on a clear seed bead, then make a loop to hold it on using the jewerly pliers.

candy cane earrings

6. Add on a second jump ring to the first ring at the top of the candy cane. Use the jewelry pliers to pry the ring open, thread it on, then tighten. Then add on the fish hook earring finding to the second jump ring. Your candy cane earrings are done and ready to wear!

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