Snowman Christmas Glass Plate

by Sandra Hricik
(Palm Harbor, FL, USA)

These plates make great Christmas gifts and can be
used for cookies, candies, or as a decorative item
for the Holidays!

The final look is very professional. Since the fabric is added to the back of the glass plate, the front is left shiny and shows off the fabric design really well!


* Any round glass plate (found at Dollars stores,
Wal-Mart, Target, etc.)

* Christmas Themed Fabric bought at Jo-Ann's

*Decoupage Glue Matte Medium


1) Trim the fabric about 2" around the plate.

2) Spread a film of glue on the back of the plate
(make sure to get the entire plate covered).

3) Lay the fabric face down on the back side of
the plate and smooth down the fabric (I use a
sponge roller) to ensure there are no wrinkles.

4) Let dry for several hours and then spread another
coat of Mod Podge on the back for a good seal.

These plates cannot be immersed in water; to clean
the front of the plate use a damp cloth with mild
dish washing soap.

A candle or LED light can be lit from behind the plate
and the light will shine through the fabric.

Response from Crafts For All Seasons: Beautiful work Sandra! Thank you for sharing this craft!

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