Fourth of July Sand Art

Fourth of July sand art

This Fourth of July sand art is a craft that is so amazingly simple to do, yet so impressive.

What an easy way to add a bit of ambiance, and show your patriotism.

Use any glass container you may come across... different shapes really look interesting. Adding a candle to each vase makes an incredibly striking centerpiece.

These look beautiful glowing on the patio table for a night of fireworks.

Things Needed:

  • Clear glass vases or container of choice
  • Colored sand in red, white, and blue (available in craft stores)
  • Candles (try votives, tea lights, or tapers)


1. Below are the materials needed to create a striking centerpiece. The colored sand can be found in craft stores, often near the kids crafts.

craft sand

2. Begin by pouring in the blue sand to the bottom of the glass container. Make the layer nice and even by gently swirling the vase and tapping lightly on the table to settle the sand surface.

pouring blue sand
pouring blue sand

3. Continue making the Fourth of July sand art by gently pouring in the white sand on top of the blue layer. Try to make it the same thickness layer. Gently settle the white sand by tapping the vase slightly.

pouring white sand
pouring white sand

4. Next finish off by adding the red sand, and settle the sand by tapping lightly.

red white and blue sand

5. Add a tea light or other candle of choice. For a tea light, I think it gives a better effect by pushing in the tea light holder into the sand until the candle top is about flush with the sand.

patriotic candles
patriotic candles

6. Light up the candles and enjoy! Remember the sand art can be enjoyed all summer, and also for Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Fourth of July Sand Art

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