A Secret within..

by Melissa Arnett
(Carlinville, Illinois USA)

Finished product

Finished product

Items needed:>

* 1 ply toilet paper (you can simply pull the layers apart on your ordinary toilet paper)

* Elmers glue

* Tweezers

* Assorted paint brushes ( I prefer the flat and small pointed brushes)

* Concealer and foundation to match skin tone

* Small face paint set (I got mine from Wal-Mart for $3 and it came with 6 colors)

* Eyeshadow

First, on a clean face, paint the glue on the area of the face that you want the "peeled back skin" to be. Lay the toilet paper over the glue and lightly pat it down. Once dry, apply glue over the paper and add another layer of toilet paper. You will repeat for a third and final layer.

Secondly, once the glue has dried, cover the area with concealer. Then apply foundation to the entire face. Next you will take the tweezers and lift up the glued paper from the inside area. The more you lift, the more it will appear skin-like.

The third part is the fun part. Paint whatever it is you want to have peaking through. This time I chose some aquatic creature. (I have done a lizard, blood and a glitter fairy. All are fun and very unique)

** To get the color I did, simply apply a thin layer of blue facepaint. Let it dry a bit and brush on purple eyeshadow. I then switched to white paint and green eyeshadow over the purple.

Have fun and I hope you enjoyed this idea!!

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