Candy Holder Craft

by Michelle from Cook's Crafts
(Glendale, NY)

Love Bug Candy Holder

This candy holder craft makes the perfect Valentine's gift. Who wouldn't love a little bug full of candy?

The larger photo shows the love bug candy holder from the top. The smaller photo on the top right shows the bottom of the candy holder.

Supply List:

  • Any kind of small pieces of candy

  • small amount of craft glue

  • 1 re-used vending machine container or 1/2 of a plastic fillable ornament

  • Sizes below are approx based on the size of your container

  • 1 black pom pom (this will be its head, so pick a large one)

  • 2 wiggle eyes

  • 1 black sticky back foam sheet

  • 2 black chenille stems

  • 2 Heart Pony Beads

  • (See pictures for placements)

    1. Draw small hearts on the back of the foam sheet and cut out the hearts. Stick these hearts on back of clear part of container. About 8 or 10 should fit.

    2. Find the center string of the pom pom and glue it to the container on one side of it. This will be its head.

    3. Cut the chenille stems in half. Fold 1 in half, glue a pony heart to each end
    glue into pom pom close to the container. This are the antennae of the bug.

    4. Take the remaining 3 pieces of stem, curl the ends and glue them to the bottom of the container. These are the legs of the bug.

    If you use the 1/2 of the ornament you will need to cut out a bottom from the foam and glue it to the container. The small photo on the top right is showing the bottom view of the love bug.

    Fill with candy and give to your valentine!

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    Feb 03, 2011
    Great way to reuse vending machine containers
    by: Crafts For All Seasons

    Thank you Michelle! I just love it... a wonderful idea. I love that this craft incorporates re-using something that we normally may throw away. Thank you for sharing!

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