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cricut jewelry

I made this Cricut jewelry by using the charm feature on the Life is a Beach cartridge.

I made the Cricut necklace for my five year old daughter, who just loves seahorses! The trick to making this charm is to make it sturdy, since it will be worn around your neck. To do this, I used a thick cardstock and cut out the charm multiple times, then glued all the pieces together. A coat of decoupage medium seals the charm nicely.

Things Needed to Make Cricut Jewelry:

For the charm:

  • Life is a Beach Cartridge for flower and dragonfly
  • Scraps of cardstock in blue, green, cream, and tan
  • Small scrap of light blue vellum for the background
  • Fine tipped Zig glue pen
  • Decoupage medium, such as Mod Podge

For the Cricut jewelry necklace:

  • Flexible jewelry wire (or cord of your choice)
  • One jump ring
  • Six crimp tubes
  • Beads to decorate (I used four seed beads in blue, four larger beads in black, and two large green beads)
  • jewelry finding endings for the clasp.
  • jewelry pliers

Detailed Instructions to Make the Cricut Jewelry Necklace:

1. Make sure you first test the vellum and cardstock in your Cricut to make sure you have the correct blade depth, pressure and speed selected. These are very small intricate cuts.

2. To save time, you can load scraps of all the papers you will be using on the mat at one time. First cut the background of the charm on the vellum. Press the "shift" button, select the whale (button 39), then select the "charm" feature. Select 1". Press "cut". You do not have to remove the paper.

3. Adjust the blade and pressuer to have the machine now cut the cardstock. Position the blade over the blue cardstock. Hit "reset all", then the seahorse (button 38), then "charm". Select size of 1", then select "quantity" and move the arrow to 4. Press "cut". This will cut out the charm four times.

4. Position the blade over the green cardstock. Deselect the quantity button so it is not lit up anymore. Then press "repeat last". Press "cut". This will cut out the charm once on green cardstock.

5. Position the blade over the cream cardstock. Press "repeat last". Press "cut". This will cut out the charm once on cream cardstock.

6. Position the blade over the tan cardstock. Press the seahorse button, followed by the "layers" button. Adust the size to 3/4". Press "cut". Remove the mat and all the paper pieces carefullly.

7. To assemble the charm, glue the blue cut out charm on the blue vellum background piece, using the Zig glue pen. Next, glue the other three layers of the blue charm directly on top of the first. This is just to make the charm thicker and more sturdy. Next, cut out the plants from the green charm using scissors, and glue the plants only over the blue charm (you may need tweezers to position those tiny parts). Cut the seahorse body from the cream charm, and glue the seahorse body directly on top of the seahorse body on the charm you are making. Lastly, glue the seahorse layers on top of the seahorse.

8. Give the charm one or two coats of decoupage medium to seal it and protect it. Allow to dry completely.

9. Add a jump ring to the charm hole, and then thread on your jewelry wire or cord of choice.

10. Thead a crimp tube on either side of the cricut jewelry charm and squeeze them shut with the jewelry pliers. This will keep the charm from sliding.

11. Add any beads you like to decorate the necklace. On both sides of the charm I threaded on a crimp tube, a blue seed bead, a black bead, a large green bead, a black bead, a blue seed bead, and another crimp tube. I then crimped the tubes to keep the beads in place about an inch away from the charm.

12. Add the jewelry clasp type of your choice to the end of the necklace.

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