Decorated River Rocks

by Sandra Hricik
(Palm Harbor, Florida, USA)

Decorated River Rocks

Decorated River Rocks

I love to take river rocks and make them into a special gifts. The rocks pictured were done for my 2 nieces for Valentine's Day. Aren't they lovely?

Materials Needed:

River Rocks
Colored Tissue Paper
Mod Podge
Aileen's Glue
Craft Stickers and Beads
Damp Sponge and rag for clean-ups


(1) Apply mod podge to tissue paper (you can tear pieces or use scissors to cut), and lay gently on River Rocks. Do not worry if the paper tears;it is easily fixed by applying a small piece of paper over the hole.

(2) Let rock dry for several hours. When dry, apply your stickers and blings, or any other decorative item, to rock using a craft glue (I use Aileens's clear gel, tacky glue).

(3) Allow to dry and finish off with a clear gloss finishing spray.

This is a fun craft product for all ages.

Comments for Decorated River Rocks

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Jan 25, 2013
Decorated River Rocks
by: Crafts For All Seasons

These are beautiful!!

Feb 25, 2013
Decorated River Rocks: Artistic Success
by: Elizabeth Lair

Soooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!

Nov 28, 2014
very nice
by: Anonymous

Just tell me from where you get these ideas! It looks so pretty....mindblowing....I love it...

Nov 30, 2014
Decorative River Rocks
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your lovely comments.

I have picked up rocks that are round and flat
on walks or you can buy them at a craft store.

I use mod podge to seal the tissue paper around
the rocks (let one side dry before you do the
other). I then just use my imagination and
put on embellishments and bling, etc.

I really thought the Valentine Rocks turned out so well. I shipped them up to my nieces and they
just loved them.

The also can be used as paper weights.

Thanks for your interest.

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