Headless Ghosts of the 1700s

by Bonnie and Beth
(Plainview, NY)

Aladdin as the Gray Gentleman and Phoenix as the Luminous Lady

Aladdin as the Gray Gentleman and Phoenix as the Luminous Lady

Aladdin and Phoenix are dressed as Headless Ghosts of the 1700s, the Gray Gentleman and the Luminous Lady.

Materials Needed::

Jacket from a ghost costume (intended for an adult human)
Dress and white shirt from a female ghost costume (intended for an adult human)
White dress form
Two pairs of silver gloves
Plastic sword
Red and gray paint
Dental floss

1. For the Gray Gentleman’s outfit, we used a ghost jacket we had bought. We measured the height of the dog in a sitting position, then marked off the spot to cut a hole in the ghostly jacket. We cut the hole a lot smaller than the dog’s head at first, and then gradually made it bigger until it just fit, so that there would be no light showing through the hole.

2. To create the neck for the Gray Gentleman, we bought a dress form that was made out of white plastic. We wanted to give it a ghostly and bloody appearance. First we dry-brushed the whole thing with gray paint, trying to give it some shadows and depth. When that was dry, we then painted the blood with red paint, trying to make it look like it was dripping down around the neck.

3. For the Gray Gentleman’s gloves, we stuffed silver gloves with stuffing, pushing it way down into the fingers with the back of a pencil to try to give it a realistic appearance. We pinned one of the gloves under the hole for the head and attached the other one to the wig, so that it would look like the hands were holding up the dog’s head.

4. For the Luminous Lady, we used a dress and white shirt from a ghost costume we had bought. The dress was way too long, so we cut it down, ending it with a jagged fringe, which we thought looked ghostly.

5. We fixed up the Luminous Lady’s gloves the same way as the others, stuffing them and pinning them onto the dress.

6. For the plastic sword, we decided to add a little blood to make it more realistic, so we painted the side with red paint, and tied the sword onto the hands using dental floss.

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