Patriotic Hair Band

patriotic hair band

This patriotic hair band is extremely easy to make and it really jazzes up your look for

These can be made for any holiday, substituting in the colors of choice.

Think about making some in your child's school colors to show school spirit, or your favorite home sports team (and they are perfect for cheerleaders or girls on a dance team).

Many craft stores sell ribbon by the yard, making this a very inexpensive hair accessory to make!

Things Needed:

  • An elastic hair band
  • 1 yard of red ribbon
  • 1 yard of blue ribbon
  • 1 yard of white ribbon
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue or fabric stiffener (optional, in case you are using ribbon that frays easily)

Patriotic Hair Band Instructions

1. Begin by cutting the ribbon into 6 inch lengths. You should end up with 6 pieces each of red, white, and blue ribbon.

patriotic hair band

2. If the ribbon frays easily, an optional step is to dip each end of the ribbon into fabric stiffener, or a bit of glue, and allow to dry.

3. Begin by tying one length of ribbon around the elastic band, in a simple square knot, as shown below.

patriotic hair band

4. Continue to tie the ribbons around the elastic band, alternating red, white, and blue.

patriotic hair band
patriotic hair band

5. Continue all the way around until you have tied all 18 ribbons. Now it is ready to wear it in your hair!

patriotic hair band

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› Patriotic Hair Band

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