Pirate in his pirate ship costume

by Christina Price
(Diamond Bar, CA)

The completed pirate ship project!

The completed pirate ship project!

I used several sizes of cardboard boxes to create the ship. I cut out two pieces of card board to be the same shape and size for the sides of the ship. I also used the cardboard and cut out six circles for the decor on the ship. I used a foam piece from some packing supplies that came with a delivery and cut it out with a razor blade so it would be the shape of an anchor and painted it with glue and sprinkled silver glitter on it and let it dry. I also found a 12 inch chain that my husband had from work to connect it to the anchor and ship as the anchor chain. I then found one nice rectangular box that my son would fit in nicely and wasn't too heavy or big for him.I also used one nice, sturdy stick from a tree that we found on the ground for the mast. We used an old sheet and cut it out into two pieces to be the shape of a mast and drew a skull and bones on it with permanent marker, placed a cardboard in between both sheets and sewed them together with the stick in it. I also used an empty water bottle and a top to a plastic coffee container for the wheel and stand.

I cut out a hole on the top and on the bottom in a square so that it would hold as a spot for my son to stand in and then painted it with black/brown tempra paint and let it dry.

I then painted the ship red and brown to create the design of the ship. I also painted the six circles yellow and let them dry.

Once all pieces were dry, I glued one side of the ship to the rectangular box and let it dry for a day. Then repeated the step for the other side of the ship and also let it dry for one day.

When the ship was completely dry I glued and attached the anchor with glue and poked the chain into the cardboard.

Next I found a nice tree stick in the back of where my son would stand and placed the mast.

Lastly I used an empty water bottle for the stand of the ship's wheel and glued it to the top front of the box and let that dry for one day. Next I attached the wheel made from the top of a plastic coffee container and cut it out to look like a wheel with a razor blade. I attached it to the top of the water bottle with a sewing needle and thread.

I found old thick shoe strings to create a somewhat suspender and sewed it to the box (size it to your child) and my project was done. My son loved it!!

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Pirate Costume: GREAT Job!
by: Peg

Love the costume again this year!!! You always amaze me with what you do with what you have to work with!!!! Hope you win! Love, Peg

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