Proud Peacock

by Tina Browning
(Evansville, In USA)

Proud Peacock

Proud Peacock

Materials Needed:
purple, green, blue fabric
tackey glue
foam ball
peacock feathers
old "stiff" belt
plastic masqerade mask
leotard and purple leggins

First we cut the fabric into manageble pieces. Then we tied the pieces onto the piece of elastic. The elastic was cut to waist size. This is the most time consuming part. The more fabric you use the more full the tutu looks. You can judge to your taste as to how long the tutu will be. Then we cut a spherical foam ball in half. We then poked the feather into the 1/2 foam ball on the spherical side. Pointing all the feathers in a 1/2 moon shape. We put glue in all the holes to secure the feathers. We then glued the flat side of the foam ball onto the backside of the belt. This is why you need a "stiff belt" because it will need to support the weight of all the feathers. We used one of my husbands old leather belts and cut it down to her waist size. She wore a blue and purple leotard top and leggings. We also used an old pair of pantyhose and cut the tips out and cut both legs off to make the 1/2 sleeves which just slide up onto her forearms. We then glued a few feather on top of the 1/2 sleeves. The mask is just a eye mask with an elastic string with feather glued on.

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