The Energizer Baby

by Christine Krueger
(Aurora, Colorado)

It's the Energizer Baby -- he keeps going and going and going.....

It's the Energizer Baby -- he keeps going and going and going.....

Materials Needed:

  • 2 yards pink fleece

  • A pink scrubby - probably found at a dollar store

  • two old wire hangers

  • empty toilet paper roll

  • Energizer logo and some aluminum foil

  • Sleeper pattern

  • pink ribbing

  • velcro with sticky tape

  • First, make a sleeper out of the pink fleece. Baste the scrubby on at the tailbone. Make a hood, leaving the face open, and make ears, using the wire hanger to get them to stand up. For the "battery", print out the energizer battery logo. Glue on the aluminum foil for the silver parts. Glue or tape around the toilet paper roll to create a "battery". Cut a two inch piece of velcro, sewing the soft section to the center back of the sleeper and using the tape, tape the bristly part to the toilet paper roll. Push the battery onto the velcro at center back.

    Add sunglasses, and you have the Energizer Baby!

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