Valentine necklace

by Glenda

Valentine's Day necklace finished product

Valentine's Day necklace finished product

This pretty paper Valentine necklace is a quick and easy craft to make. To learn how it was done, read on.

Materials Needed for the Valentine necklace:

  • paper stock cut to 2 inches wide by 8.5 inches long
  • paper cutter
  • necklace cording
  • cardboard square (for putting jewelry on)
  • hole punch
  • marker
  • index card
  • tape

1. Take the cardstock and cut it 2 inches wide by 8.50 inches long.

2. Start folding back and forth in triangles until you get to the end. Snip off the last triangle.

folding trianglesfolded paper

3. Slip the necklace into the fold of the triangle.

slipping necklace through the triangle

4. Push the end of the triangle into the first opening of the triangle until it is completely in.

pushing in the end of the triangle

5. Smooth paper and pull the necklace up to the edge of the largest part of the triangle.

pull the necklace up to the edge

6. Place a small piece of tape to hold the necklace cording in place.

7. Push down hard in the middle of the triangle and make it look like a puffy heart.

make the triangle puffy

8. Now press firmly on each edge of the top of the triangleto make it flat and form the heart.

forming the heart

9. Write the word LOVE on the front of the heart with themarker.


To package:
Take one piece of an index card and cut in half. Take the hole punch and push it as far as it will go on the sides and punch a hole on each side. Slide the necklace into the hole making sure the word is facing upward. Twist the cord of the necklace and put a small piece of tape to hold. Wrap up the rest of the cord and tape it down.

holes punched in cardstockthread necklace through the holes

twist cordtape down cord

Viola! You have a darling little heart necklace for your friends and family.

Valentine Heart Necklace

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Jan 30, 2012
Valentine Necklace
by: Crafts For All Seasons

Great project Glenda! I could see this being a nice easy craft for school kids to make at their Valentine's Day parties. Thank you for sharing!

Jan 30, 2012
Valentine necklace
by: Glenda

I just made 24 of these for my Grandson's classmates. I plan to add a sticker to the other side so it is reversible.

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