Homemade Halloween Costumes

Many of you already know that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the change of seasons, cooler temperatures, all the different ways you can decorate, and last by not least, coming up with cool costumes!

A few of these homemade Halloween costumes were made by me, but most of them were submitted by visitors to this site. I hosted a contest to encourage participation, and I was so happy to receive this amazing collection of creative costumes from you all. Click here if you would like to read about the Homemade Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

Many years ago I used to host a Halloween party every year, complete with a costume judging contest. I had so much fun trying to come up with totally original and creative ideas for costumes through the years . Now that I have kids, it is so fun to help create something original and fun for them to wear. We go camping every year in October where they host a large costume contest, and it is always the original and different costumes that win. In fact, they give preference to those that have made their own costume instead of buying one. I find it fun to try to gather up everything you need to get a costume together. Thrift stores are my favorite source of costumes during this time of year.

So, you know that I have made costumes in the past. But not THAT many. I need your help to fill up this page of Halloween costumes. Do you have a costume that you made that you would be willing to share? If so, please use the link below. Many thanks back to all of you!

Do YOU have a Homemade Halloween Costume you would like to share? It can become its own page on this website! Click here!

Click here to see the Costumes Others Have Shared

Homemade Peacock Costume - Learn how I created this peacock costume for my daughter last Halloween.

Princess on a Pegasus - This little princess is riding a winged horse. The costume is made from a box and some cardboard.

YOUR costume submissions

Alien Xenomorph Costume - Submitted by Ian Austin: 2012 Costume Contest First Place Winner - Check out Lt. Ellen Ripley and this amazing Xenomorph costume from the ALIEN movie franchise. It looks like the real thing!!

Pirate in his Pirate Ship - Submitted by Christina Price: 2012 Costume Contest Second Place Winner - Set sail on the high seas as the Captain of your own sea!

Pocahontas Costume - Submitted by Lori Luna: 2012 Costume Contest Facebook Prize (Voted by YOU!): This beautiful little girl is dressed as the Native American heroine Pocahontas.

50's Girl Costume - Submitted by Lori Luna: Are you ready to hearken back to the days of the sock hop, diners, and the jukebox? Lori does a great job explaining how she made this 50's inspired poodle skirt costume.

Doll Halloween Costume - Submitted by Joe: This amazing step by step makeup tutorial shows how easy it is to create a stunning doll costume.

Energizer Baby - Submitted by Christine Krueger: We all know those little ones keep on "going and going..."! Learn how to make this fun and comical costume for your child.

Little Rag Doll - Submitted by Erin: Your little one will look as cute as a doll with this homemade costume!

Proud Peacock - Submitted by Tina Browning: Your child will be proud as a peacock wearing this beautiful costume.

Thomas the Train - Submitted by Christina Price: This box is transformed into Thomas the Train, and your child can be the conductor!

Bob's Big Boy - Submitted by Christina Price: This cute little one has suspenders and the slicked back hair, just like the Big Boy version.

Headless Ghosts of the 1700s: Submitted by Bonnie and Beth: This amazing dog costume highlights these pooches as scary headless ghosts!

Human Stapler: Submitted by Tatum: This boy has been transformed into a super realistic Swingline stapler.

Scorpion Costume - Submitted by Kristin K.: This little pooch has her claws and tail ready for attack!

3-D Tow Mater Costume - Submitted by Kimberly: If your child is a fan of the CARS movies, he or she will love this cute costume!

A Secret Within... - Submitted by Melissa Arnett: This is a really neat tutorial showing how you can create the look of your skin peeling back to reveal a creature inside.

Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon - Submitted by Katie Schuh: A lot of creativity and talent went into creating this little dragon hunter's costume.

Captain America Lego Kid - Submitted by Christina Price - This little superhero looks like a real Lego man, but life-size!

Click Here to Submit a Costume of Your Own!

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