Thomas the Train

by Christina Price
(Diamond Bar, CA)

Thomas the Train and his conductor Donovan

Thomas the Train and his conductor Donovan

Products used:
Tempera paint
Styrofoam pieces
cardboard (different thicknesses)
One Tin Can

I found several sizes of boxes.
One box served as the actual shape and perfect size form my son. I cut out a small rectangle/square at the top of the box and one at the bottom for him to stand in. I then attached another small box on the back of him so that it would serve as the back end of the train. Then I painted all the details of the train onto the box. I used a thinner cardboard so be the shaps of the train wheels and also painted them to look like the train wheels. Once all pieces were dry, I glued everything together and let them dry. I then found a round styrofoam piece that was the perfect size to be the face of Thomas and painted on the face and then also glued it to the front end of the box. This took a little more time to dry. I painted one tin can so that it serve as the funnel to the train. I hot glued this to the top so that it would stay. Then on the back of the train, I used duck tape for the top to give it a shiny look and then just added a few more pieces for detail with more thinner pieces of cardboard. Last but not least I sewed on fabric straps onto the box so that it would rest on my sons shoulders and he would not have to hold it up. The entire box rested on his shoulders while he walked. Done and he loved it!

Comments for Thomas the Train

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Thomas the Train
by: Linda Olvera

I'm 58 yrs old ;-) and I still enjoy getting a 'great perky feelin' watching Thomas and the gang. I vote for this little guy!

Thomas the Train: Amazing!
by: cynthia guzman

Wow!! Very creative!! I absolutely love it!! U are extremely talented!!

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